Stlofa bares a soft heart

molibeliBy Mohalenyane Phakela

MASERU — The rise to stardom of Lesotho’s well known Kwaito star Molibeli Mokake, better known to his fans as Stlofa, has landed him a deal in South Africa.

Stlofa has been called by South African radio station Lesedi FM to inspire Free State students.

“I have been invited by Lesedi FM to join them in a project of visiting schools to make students aware that they can actually make a living out of music.”

This was due to the fact that Stlofa has built himself as a brand and is already engaged in such projects through his outfit “Lefate Entertainment” in collaboration with other local musicians.

“I held my first annual primary school musical competition earlier this year. I am now paying school fees for two students who won.

“I wish I could have been able to pay for more children but due to constraints of funds I can’t,” he said.

Stlofa revealed that although he has close to two decades in the music industry, it has been quite a rough journey as financial backing was a problem.

“The M50 000 that I won at last year’s Vodacom Superstars competition really helped me become independent as an artiste. I guess it is now my turn to give back to the community,” he said.

One of his worries was that local music does not get the respect and recognition it deserves, but he is hoping this will change.

“Most musicians wish they could leave this country for greener pastures, but as for me I intend to stay here in Lesotho to become part of the evolution which I believe it is at hand.”

According to the Kwaito star, Lesotho Music Rights Association (which he is part of) advocates local artistes’ rights by ensuring that their music is not pirated and that they are fairly compensated when booked for shows.

It also seeks to ensure that artistes are paid royalties when their music is played.

Stlofa has proved to be more than just once-off hit as he has released his second album Mohale o Tsoa Maroleng, which means a hero is from the dirt.


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