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Stay-away won’t succeed

by Lesotho Times
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Below are comments posted on the Lesotho Times website in reaction to a call last week by the main opposition All Basotho Convention (ABC) to stage an indefinite stay-away.


I do not see the stay-away bearing any fruit here. We know whom we are dealing with and we cannot expect different results this time round.

I do not think the strike will succeed. A lot of people have benefited from the government.




Opposition should wait for 2012

I agree fully with ‘Me. What is the real purpose of staging the stayaway?

The days of scoring cheap political points are over.

The ABC leader, Thomas Thabane, should come out and state why he in the first place opted to accept a party marriage with the Lesotho Workers Party and expected the courts to resolve that on the basis of non-existent legal principles.

This is their baby to kiss but the opposition should avoid bloodshed at all costs. I would advise the opposition to wait for the next elections in 2012.

That time is just around the corner.

This should allow us to feed our families in peace. I would be very grateful if this is done.

 -T T



LCD should hand back seats

I agree fully with T T.

Even if some of the Members of Parliament who are not supposed to be in the House remain there we will still hate them.

If the ruling party fails to get its act together it will be in for a surprise.

Why doesn’t the ruling party just give back the seats to the Independent Electoral Commission for a fresh reallocation?

Our ruler should do a little bit of some good so as to cover up for the bad things his government has done. Our hearts are still burning.

-‘Maletuka Au



Let’s bury the hatchet

One would expect honesty from our political leaders.

But we must remain brothers and sisters.



Who wrote the LCD letter? 

MOJAKISANE knows who wrote the letter. How could he beat about the bush like that?

He knows about the letter and I think he should be hauled for a disciplinary hearing. It is only then that he will maybe reveal the names of those ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) youth members who were at the party offices and specifically who handed him the letter.




He is not telling the truth

Mojakisane is just not telling the truth. He knows about the letter. He participated in the whole process. Now that he sees the effects of what he sowed he is beating about the bush. Just look at his responses in the interview.

Those were strange answers indeed. He knows about the letter. Period.


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