Sport could do with a Commission of Inquiry



MikiaMikia Kalati

Yet another sporting event—the All Africa Games—is coming to an end and as usual, our athletes are performing very badly and by yesterday, had won two medals, a bronze in boxing through Moroke Mokhotho and another bronze in male tennis doubles.

It’s really worrying that we continue to participate in different competitions yet nothing comes of it.

Well, with the on-going Southern African Development Community Commission of Inquiry into the recent murder by the military of former army commander Maaparankoe Mahao currently the talk of town, suggestions by disappointed sports fans is we need an investigation of such magnitude to get to the bottom of the whole debacle.

I mean, over M4million was budgeted for our team to compete at the Brazzaville Games whose curtain comes down this coming Saturday.

I seriously believe it’s high time a serious research is conducted to find out why our athletes always struggle on the big stage.

The government cannot surely continue to waste so much monies while results are not forthcoming.

My point here is our country cannot continue to spend such huge funds for nothing.

Our sports associations have to come-up with better strategies that will end this poor performance, especially when it comes to major sporting events such as the Olympic, Commonwealth and All-Africa Games.

I think it’s a disgrace that South Africa have won over 100 medals at the Congo showcase and we only have one, for finishing in third place, yet this team was touted by officials and pundits alike to have the greatest potential to win accolades for Lesotho.

The talent and potential is there among the athletes, but the truth of the matter is we are not doing enough in developing youngsters hence we continue to fail so dismally when it comes to the bigger stage.

I think we have all seen from the All-Africa Games’ performance that there is a big potential in boxing, as well as tennis.

Our athletics team has always done very well over the years, but I also have a feeling the country is not doing enough to assist them to compete at the highest level on a regular basis.

While there were big expectations on Mosito Lehata, the sprinter clearly cannot do it alone and it’s also obvious that injuries have hampered his progress hence he has failed to live up to our expectations in recent events, including in the Congo.

The sooner we can get more athletes of his calibre the better for our country.

For the sake of improvement, I hope the Ministry of Sports will demand answers from the relevant authorities as to why the country performed so badly in Brazzaville.

This humiliation in the Congo should be a lesson to big bodies such as the Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission and Lesotho National Olympic Committee that all is not well in the way we have been doing things in this country, sporting-wise, of-course.



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