South Africa’s Most Successful Traders show off their cars Overviews


Forex trading is very risky, even in South Africa, and even though the path towards becoming a successful Forex trader is not suited for everyone, there are several who have endured and made it in the Forex market to emerge successful.

These traders have had their wildest dreams come true and, of course, have rewarded themselves greatly in numerous ways, one of which is that they rewarded themselves for their efforts with new wheels.

1.   Sandile Shezi

Sandile Shezi is one of the youngest forex traders and millionaires in South Africa with a net worth of around $2.3 million. His life and success story are one which is controversial, but noteworthy.

According to Shezi’s Instagram account, he owns a range of vehicles including Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Range Rover, Maserati and Ferrari.

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2.   George van Der Riet

George van Der Riet, born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, is a successful trader who steadily learned about the financial markets before he decided to make his first investment.

After school, van Der Riet furthered his studies by studying finances through a university in Manchester, after which he spent his time working in financial institutes including banks, the forex industry, and others.

According to van Der Riet’s Instagram account, he drives a Lamborghini, Ford Mustang, and Ferrari.


3.   Jabulani Ngcobo

Born in 1985, Jabulani Ngcobo is to date one of the most successful forex traders who made his fortune trading in the forex market. As a self-made millionaire, Jabulani is also the author of Cashflow Naked which is both an autobiography as well as a lesson in finances.

According to Ngcobo’s Instagram account, he drives a Lamborghini, Jeep, Maserati, Porsche, and BMW.

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4.   Louis Tshakoane

Based in South Africa, Louis Tshakoane is a young millionaire and the founder and president of Undercover Millionaire’s Currency.

Tshakoane’s goal has always been to create a network base so that business individuals can easily communicate ideas, as well as strategies, with others which puts them in the position to give back to their community.

Tshakoane’s second book, Forex Millionaire in 365 Days by God’s Grace, has already sold well beyond expectations with more than 2000 pre-ordered copies which were sold online.

Tshakoane’s Instagram account shows that he drives BMW, Audi, and Lamborghini.

5.   Shaun Benjamin

Shaun Benjamin became a millionaire at the age of 21. He originally started studying engineering after he graduated from New Castle High School in 2012.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, where he was unable to continue his studies, he was led to start trading in forex and he eventually quit his job after gathering enough funds which led to the establishment of the Benjamin Forex Academy.

In addition, Benjamin is the director of Benjamin Investment Group (Pty) Ltd. He is also a qualified miner, property investor and an entrepreneur.

Benjamin’s Instagram account indicates that he drives a Bentley, Mercedes, BMW, Ford Ranger, and a Ford Mustang.

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