Soulo re-joins LCD


I am joining a party within which I have always had a place, and where I can have peace of mind, which I could not find in the ABC, says the former minister.


Billy Ntaote

Former All Basotho Convention (ABC) chairman, Molobeli Soulo, is expected to announce his return to the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) at a press conference scheduled for Bonhomie House in Maseru this morning.

Mr Soulo confirmed to the Lesotho Times yesterday that he was returning to the LCD—a party he left eight years ago to form the ABC alongside party leader  and close friend, Thomas Thabane.

According to Mr Soulo, he had decided to leave the ABC “to have peace of mind” after being labelled corrupt by some ABC heavyweights late last year and accused of high treason against the ABC-led government. Mr Soulo, who was fired as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office in February this year, further said it had pained him “so much” to be accused of plotting against a party he helped form alongside Dr Thabane and 15 other LCD Members of Parliament (MPs).

“There is going to be press conference at the LCD offices at Bonhomie House tomorrow at 11 am, during which I am going to be welcomed back into the party,” said Mr Soulo.

“I regret ever leaving the LCD to form the ABC in 2006, as I had hoped for change. However, this change  never materialised even when the party finally made it to government after the 26 May 2012 election.

“I thought I was ending the congress and national philosophies, which had divided our society for so long, but it seems I was wrong, hence my decision to return home to the LCD.

“I don’t expect to contest the upcoming elections in February 2015, but what I am seeking is a place to really have a sense of belonging. I am joining a party within which I have always had a place, and where I can have peace of mind, which I could not find in the ABC of late,” Mr Soulo said.

His focus, Mr Soulo added, would now be on the development of Lesotho as a nation and not political conflicts that have divided Lesotho over recent years.

“There is too much focus on conflicts and we always have people being fired from government for  no apparent reason. I don’t expect to be humiliated for exercising my political right, so I don’t believe people should criticise me for deciding to go back to the LCD. I was recently labelled corrupt by some ABC members and even accused of attempting to overthrow the government, so what I am only seeking now is peace of mind, which I am confident of finding in the LCD,” said Mr Soulo.

Contacted for comment last night, the LCD Acting Spokesperson, Selibe Mochoboroane, confirmed Mr Soulo would be officially welcomed by the National Executive Committee, Youth League and Women’s League at the party’s headquarters this morning.

“Ntate Soulo will have the honour of disclosing his reasons for returning to the LCD. However, our leader (Mothetjoa Metsing) will not be around at the press conference to welcome him home, as he is out of the country on personal business.

“As a party, we are delighted by his decision to come back home as he was a very strong Youth League leader during his time in the LCD. He was also very influential and industrious in performing his duties as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office,” Mochoboroane said.

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