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Someone give ‘Mr CEO’ a hankie

by Lesotho Times

SCRUTATOR hears Mohokhare River has flooded.

At first she thought a spring storm had pounded Maseru until news filtered in that Mokhosi Mohapi had not stopped crying since the Lesotho Football Association booted him out of the CEO’s office on Monday.

And so the tears that have been cascading from those blood-shot eyes down those rotund cheeks have left the river almost bursting its banks.

After two years of acting as Lefa’s CEO, Mohapi can’t believe he has been told to go back to his old job as the facilities and administration manager.

He was apparently demoted after he undertook an unauthorised trip to Egypt.

Scrutator hates kicking a man who is already finished but there are times when a few blows can’t possibly do any further harm.

Mohapi is already in so much pain that it does not make a difference even if I shove my stiletto into his ribs.

You see, uena Mohapi, you must not blame anyone but yourself for your misery.

It was you who staffed his ears when Scrutator told you that this business of distributing T-shirts at matches is not the job of a proper CEO.

It was you who almost screamed his lungs out when Scrutator said Lefa was pathetic.

When she said our stadia were like potato fields you said she was being malicious.

When she said Likuena were mediocre you rolled up your sleeves and came charging at her with fists clinched.

Now look what your arrogance has done to you.

Still on football, does anyone remember that Jabulani ball which gave goalkeepers a nightmare during the World Cup in South Africa?

Goalkeepers complained that Jabulani was capable of making awkward bounces that made their heads spin.

Some said it was too fast and too light.

Little did Scrutator know that the ball could also vanish into thin air.

Six of the 10 Jabulani balls allocated to Lesotho’s Under-17 team were last week discovered to have disappeared.

The balls were donated to Lesotho by Fifa but it seems someone in the Under-17 team wanted them all to himself.

The team’s coach, Bishop Molatoli, is said to have told a meeting that he had given two of the balls to a national women’s team.

It turns out however that Lesotho does not have any national women’s team at the moment.

Does the Jabulani ball have legs too?

Is Molatoli trying to say those Jabulani balls just decided last week that they were tired of being kicked around and went AWOL?

Or that they grew wings and flew away?

Ah, this Jabulani ball!


Hell hath no fury like a hotel worker barred from taking leftovers home!

Can you imagine jostling for a table with a bunch of toque-clad chefs in a swanky restaurant when they are supposed to be on the other side of the chafing dishes?

Or having to partake your ala carte next to a perspiring porter who happens to be enjoying his free lunch at the same time?

Or being told that all the presidential suites are fully booked thanks to some hotel staffers entertaining their nyatsis in the lavish bedrooms?

If workers at Lesotho Sun get their wish, you better brace for such scenarios at this kingdom’s plushiest hotel.

They are up in arms against their managers who they accuse of barring them from enjoying, freely, the ambience that patrons pay for at the hotel.

The staffers have been waving the racism placard after the hotel’s white-dominated management apparently barred them from eating and drinking the freebies they get from their employer in the hotel’s restaurants and pubs.

“Basotho can’t eat in the restaurants or drink in the bars as whites,” the workers allegedly wrote in a petition to the hotel’s handlers.

The workers are also furious that the hotel has reserved parking space only for the white-dominated management.

Scrutator knows we Basotho can be a grumpy lot at times.

The grumpiest ones can complain about being denied jobs they are not even capable of doing.

But as for the Lesotho Sun kind, I have to consult some professor for the proper diction to describe their grumpiness.

In the meantime, Scrutator would appreciate in her inbox answers to the following questions:

If the Lesotho Sun staffers use their own money to buy food and beer, do the managers still bar (excuse the pun) them from using the restaurants and pubs?

How many of the bitter workers drive cars?

The quickest to answer these questions will be allowed to take home as many doggy-bags as they want thanks to the Lesotho Sun management.

Scrutator has watched in anger the strike by the evil servants in South Africa.

Did you see how those unashamed nurses, teachers and government employees danced and gyrated their extravagant “behinds” on television as if there is no tomorrow?

Did you see how they barged into hospital operating theatres and blocked doctors from saving lives?

These government workers have no shame.They are demanding an 8.6 salary increase.

For what? So that they can loaf at work?

If I had my way this indolent lot would surely not get even a single loti!

Why should Zuma reward such sloth?

Civil servants all over Africa behave like children born to the same mother.

They are all lazy, foul-mouthed and plain incompetent.

Have you seen how they are virtually driven by the clock?

At exactly 4.30pm all government business comes to a complete halt.

All doors are locked.

Some of them have actually set their office clocks an hour ahead so they can slither our earlier.

Even when they report late for duty they would stampede to be the first to knock off.

Lesotho’s civil servants should not dare copy those lunatics in South Africa because MCCD’s government is itching to fire people.

The government is so broke that poor Scrutator could lend it money.

A government with perforated pockets cannot afford 35 000 workers.

You have been warned.

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