Slain guard was only breadwinner in a family of nine

…The late Mohau Qobete’s post-mortem results to be released tomorrow 

Letuka Chafotsa

The post-mortem results of slain M & A Security guard, Mohau Qobete (37), are expected to be released tomorrow.

Mr Qobete of Likhoele ha Qobete in Mafeteng was shot dead under unclear circumstances on Sunday afternoon while on duty at the Ministry of Education and Training head-office in Maseru.

The Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) has since issued a statement alleging Mr Qobete was caught in crossfire during a shootout between its members.

However, according to the owner of M&A Security, Amelia Tšekelo, the post-mortem results could shed more light on what really happened to her employee, whom she described as extremely reliable and dedicated to his work.

Ms Tšekelo, who also told the Lesotho Times that Mr Qobete was the sole breadwinner in a family of nine, said she had been so distraught after being told of the fatal shooting.

“I was numb; my whole world just went blank when I heard the tragic news. I didn’t know where to start,” Ms Tšekelo said on Tuesday.

“In-fact, I have been so depressed since the shooting, and am finding it difficult to do anything.

“I wanted to just shut the company down and go home, but then I remembered that each of the 540 employees of M&A Security has more people behind him or her to support.

“What really drove me crazy was knowing that he died while on duty. And to make matters worse, we were denied access to where he had been killed by the soldiers. We were only able to access the area he died in yesterday (Monday) and only today, were we able to fully brief his family about what happened to their son. “It is a very painful situation; I don’t know where to go for help because if people like soldiers who are supposed to provide us with security can do such a thing, where else can we seek protection?”

According to Ms Tšekelo, there had never been such a tragedy at M&A Security since the company was formed 15 years ago.

“The late Mr Mohau Qobete was 37 years of age and was father to one child, who is about nine years old. However, he was supporting the whole Qobete family back home in his village in Likhoele,” Ms Tšekelo said.

“He had been with us for seven years, and was one of the most loyal employees we had, and he is going to be solely missed.

“Hopefully, we will able to learn more about what happened to him when his post-mortem results are released on Friday.

“This is so hard on us because such a tragedy had never happened at M&A Security since its launch 15 years ago.”

Meanwhile, police spokesperson Lebona Mohloboli on Tuesday said the police were not going to involve themselves with what happened among the soldiers.

“What we are only interested in finding out is who fired the fatal shot or shots, and we will then take the necessary legal measures against the killer or killers,” Senior Inspector Mohloboli said.



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