Skaftin rescues roast master


Nthatuoa Koeshe

COMEDIAN Skaftin saved the day at Kaycees in Roma on Sunday when improvised and presented an impromptu stand-up comedy at what was supposed to be the debut roast master gig.

The comedian, born Jeremiah Lebea, had to step onto the stage and improvise after the event had seemed to have managed to attract six people.

Initially, the plan was that Skaftin, BSB de comedian, Thabang Mapena and Juvy were scheduled to crack jokes about birthday, Relebohile MSL_Relo Mosola along with Leotoana, Queen of Denver, Mkhondwane, Tsolo de Prince and Six Gun.

However, Leotoana, Queen of Denver, Mkhondwane, Tsolo de Prince and Six Gun all failed to show up to denote the temperature for the ill-fated event.

Skaftin said he improvised after realising the situation was degenerating into an embarrassment after most of the invited guests failed to turn up while the audience also came late.

For the comic, it was familiar territory and circumstances as he also hosted a monumental flop a few months ago at Cuban Linx where he held his debut one hander. While that show was well attended, the audience failed to connect with his jokes and could be seen concentrating more on their conversations while he was on stage.

On Sunday, however, he was the hero when the panicky organisers of the roast master cancelled it.

“MSL_Relo came to me and said that they had decided that people shouldn’t pay since the show already appeared to be a flop,” Skaftin said.

“After they told me that they were cancelling the show and leaving I was also wanted to leave but I was disheartened to leave the six members of the audience who were patiently waiting for the show to begin.”

He said he then decided to rescue the show by turning it into a standup comedy.

“I told Mapena and BSB that they did not have to perform. I was going to do it alone because this was not planned,” he said.

He said he then went outside to invite people to attend a free comedy show and they started to trickle in.

“That time, I did not even have a script because I had prepared for a roast,” he said.

He said people reluctantly got in as he performed the unscripted set without a mic but to his surprise the audience was thrilled.

Skaftin said that show was one of his best performances as people kept coming in.

“The performance reminded me that this was the place where my career started. I once performed for three people at the same venue so I was inspired.”

He said Mapena later joined in after his set followed by BSB and MSL_Relo came last.

Skaftin said the show was a lesson for him that he should deliver his performance no matter the circumstances.

“Knowing where you come from and knowing how to give for free is what humanity is about,” Skaftin said.


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