Service providers must pay for their failures

THERE are a few corporations that I believe should be sued by the people for not exactly performing their corporate duties. One of the first bigwigs to be sued would be our electricity provider, and there is a list of stuff they should be held accountable for, the foremost is maintenance.
Look, we are in the middle of winter and it is totally way below freezing point, and it gets dark very early.
So check this out, you come back from work, all stiff and frozen like a popscicle, just as you are about to thaw, so you start cooking the electricity goes off.
You are plummeted into an abbey of darkness in the middle of the house, and most of all it is the temperature that sinks so fast. You are hungry, cold and stuck in your own house because you are afraid to move and bump into something (you can move, then sue for the hospital bills).
So the best thing to do is call someone who can help you with food and more especially, heat.
Since it will be dark and gloomy, you will eat in bed (this is the warmest part of the house by now). To generate more heat, and also for entertainment one thing is going to lead to another (I refuse to spell it out for you, if you do not understand, the person sitting next to you will explain).
So, now remember it gets dark very early; this means sometime during the night, while trying to generate the heat, it is very likely that protection will run out!
This is dangerous, because of so many things, next thing you know, nine months later, you have an extra mouth to feed.
Life plans are shattered because of a blackout. I say sue for maintenance; because if there had been light and heat, you would have not resorted to generating them yourself and having side-effects of a lifetime.
I would also sue for cash to pay for rehab stints. For some, who do not have someone to call for heat and entertainment generation, they usually resort to narcotics.
When the lights go off around your hood, it is quite likely that the bar might have a back-up generator or something, even if it doesn’t,  it will be one place with a whole lot of people, and alcohol.
Obviously, you will hang out at this place until you feel you will immediately go to sleep when you get home!
Our alcohol capacities differ, and should blackouts happen a few more times, some folk can turn into alcoholics.
Some people prefer other types of drugs, not alcohol, and this can spiral out of control; then intervention is necessary.
The corporation will have to pay for the medical expenses and rehabilitation because they plunged us into this drug and alcohol filled hole!
To top it all off, some poor souls with not enough money, or who are perpetually broke like me, might turn to crime to make money, so that we avoid our dark houses. Seriously! Look at it this way, you leave your house because of the dark and cold; you get to the bar, you spend all your money, now-how do you get home?
This now raises the opportunity of someone selling themselves for a ride home, or more alcohol, or more drugs, or just an opportunity to get out of your dark cold house; in this case we sue them for perpetrating prostitution.
Next on the list of those to be sued would be the cellular service providers!
Eish, I am sure there have been relationships that have gone sour because of network that suddenly disappears.
You are having a mobile conversation with your squeeze when the signal decides to play games.
Some relationships are already on shaky grounds, that type of trouble just makes things worse, and it may lead to the end!
They have to be sued for alimony, even if the couples they are breaking apart are not married.
Seriously, how can a company boast to be the best and yet still, suddenly just vanishes and renders our expensive cells useless?
What about the income business people lose when the signal goes haywire? These corporations should be sued if someone finds themselves having to file for bankruptcy!
Imagine losing your business because your biggest client could not get through to you, an abomination if you ask me!
The list is endless, and I am sure you can think of a few others you would want to sink your teeth in, because they messed you and your plans up one way or the other.
Yeah I know suing is a bit hectic and could even cost more than you really have; so maybe if, we, the consumers put a united front and demanded our rights for quality products and service delivery we could get our lives into order and actually start making the most of it!
So my brothers and sisters, what do you say, let us take some big corporation to the cleaners if they do not deliver!

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