Sentebale stands by decision over funding

I WOULD just like to make a final response to Lydia Muso of the Lesotho Child Counselling Unit who wrote last week in your letters page with the headline “The LCCU did not fail to account”.  

Sentebale continues to stand by our decision to withdraw funding and support from the LCCU and will continue to defend our position on this.

Sentebale raises money from donors to spend responsibly in Lesotho, reaching the most vulnerable children and ensuring that it is spent wisely and effectively on their behalf.

When partners, such as the LCCU do not adhere to basic accountability and transparency procedures, we are forced to take hard decisions like this one where funding was suspended. 

We made every effort to resolve the situation with the LCCU but when several requests and standard requirements were not met, we were forced to make this decision.

This decision was not taken lightly. 

Prince Seesio, our chairman, and our chief executive have all met with the LCCU to try to resolve the impasse.

Sentebale has a good track record of working with and assisting Basotho organisations helping OVC (orphaned and Vulnerable Children) since we started in Lesotho in April 2007.

One of our main objectives is to help local Community Based Organisations develop their capacity and capability, as we are doing with our 14 other partners.

Harper Brown


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