Sello must introspect


Moorosi Tsiane

IN September last year, the Bantu duo of Tsietsi Khooa and Bokang Sello left the country to try their luck with Port Elizabeth outfit Chippa United, which at the time was coached by former Lesotho international, Lehlohonolo Seema.

Things went as expected for Khooa, who was eventually given a contract but it was a much different story for Sello.

Sello left Port Elizabeth in December for KwaZulu Natal where he caught the eye of the Golden Arrows technical team. The side immediately showed interest in the player. But as fate would have it, the side also summersaulted on its earlier decision. The left footed defender had no choice but return to Bantu.

I cannot imagine what Sello might be going through now. It must be heartbreaking to say at one point you are facing a lucrative contract only for it to slip through your fingers not once but twice. It must be a harrowing experience for any footballer.

Bantu have already welcomed him back in the squad and I want to believe they will help him recover from this ordeal and rid him of the psychological effect.

When all is said and done, the million-dollar question still remains, how did the two moves, which both seemed easier to nail than lose, end up eluding him?

Bantu said they are unaware of the reason for the sudden change of mind. And reasonably so, Sello is not keen to discuss the matter.

While I feel for him, the boy needs some self-introspection and healing time.

One thing we are certain of is Sello is one of the most talented players in Lesotho at the moment and it was not supposed to have been so difficult for him to get a foreign team. However, we all know that talent alone is never enough. It must be accompanied by other attributes like hard work, discipline on and off the field and character.

That two sides ended up not signing him, for me has nothing to do with his talent or lack thereof because it is clear he has that in abundance but it is clear there is something else that they were looking for. Whatever the missing link is, he must find it if he wants to entertain any hopes of plying his trade in South Africa.

He can even go as far as asking for an honest opinion from both teams why they ended up not signing him. That is if they have not told him already.

If they informed him, then it will be up to him to work on the arrears that he will need to change. But the bottom line is, he must put in the work.

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