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Scrutator: Kamoli should have learnt from strongmen

by Lesotho Times
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SO there we go Kamoli. Did you in your wildest of imaginations ever anticipate that this day would ever come? A day in which you would face justice for all your brutal acts against this beautiful Kingdom? The best illustration of the delusions of grandeur that afflicted you was perhaps your instruction that anything that moves, including rats, mice and cockroaches, stand still as soon as your motorcade entered Moakanyane barracks.

As Professor Mafa Sejanamane rightly encapsulated on social media, you lived on your own Planet Kamoli. A planet of the most high arrogance and impunity. To you another human’s life never mattered as long as that human stood in your way. But thanks to the high heavens, your Planet has collided with an asteroid and you have landed on Planet Earth.

So on behalf of all those who suffered under your cruel tyranny and dictatorship, including this pretty woman called Scrutator, I say welcome back to mother earth. Welcome to the real world, which is fundamentally different from Planet Kamoli.

On behalf of Ntate Khothatso Tšooana who could have died with all his family members on that fateful night of 27 January 2014, I say welcome back to the real planet earth Kamoli. On behalf of Mme Liabiloe Thabane, our First Lady who could have perished on the same night for the “crime” of loving Ntate Thabane, I say welcome back to mother earth Kamoli. On behalf of Ntate Thabane himself who was the prime target of your terrorism, I say welcome back to planet earth Kamoli.  On behalf of Maaparankoe Mahao, his now fatherless children and all his distressed family, I say welcome back to mother earth Kamoli. On behalf of the family of Ntate Mokheseng Ramahloko, whose life was unjustly cut short, I say welcome back to mother earth Kamoli. On behalf of all Basotho who suffered under your cruel and callous rule, who are too numerous to mention, but who include my dear self, I say welcome back to planet earth Kamoli. As you have already experienced, life on mother earth is far different from life on Planet Kamoli where you can do as you please without a whiff of consequence.

It’s not within my nature to celebrate somebody’s suffering. But I make an exception for Kamoli.

You have made this nation suffer. You have made many families suffer. You have traumatized His Majesty’s handsome Kingdom.

I have been reflecting on your reign of terror. What were you thinking when you committed all the crimes for which you are now standing trial?  Did you honestly think that you would get away with murder?

Idi Amin

But surely Kamoli, you should have learnt from the stories of strongmen like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Idi Amin, Hitler and even Osama bin Laden that evil can never triumph over good. Saddam Hussein, one of the most-cruel human beings to have ever lived, ended up living in a hell-hole with rats and mice. Gaddafi was executed and his body dumped under a desert sand dune. What a perfect burial for the world’s most eccentric dictator. You know the story of Idi Amin, the most-high buffoon you tried hard to emulate while you commanded the LDF.  Surely you should have learnt from the sad endings of these eccentric people? You didn’t draw from these obvious lessons.

There is no one who has ever flourished out of causing hardships for others. For us believers, we know there is a God out there. His time always comes. And when it comes, there is no hiding place.

Muammar al-Qaddafi

There is a huge puzzle for me though? Why are you being charged with murder and attempted murder crimes that exclude the killing of Mahao. As this column has repeatedly argued, you are directly responsible for Maaparankoe’s demise.  I have spoken on that one without any ambiguity nor equivocation. No one buys the crap that Maaparankoe was killed while resisting arrest. The scoundrels who killed him, did it under your command? In any case, why should he have been arrested? For a bogus mutiny? No ways? If Maaparankoe’s murder is not added to the charge sheet, please be gracious enough to explain why the LDF under your direct command murdered him.

Hopefully your predicament serves an instructive lesson for the remaining rogues who might want to cause trouble? Anyone who abuses his position in the manner you did must know they will get their comeuppance when the right time comes? Your current comeuppance should serve as the best deterrent for any future abuses?

For those who might be new to this column, Kamoli wants Scrutator jailed for “criminally defaming” him in one of my previous columns. I am looking forward to having him in the witness box. But what if I indeed get convicted and sentenced? Will the authorities let me share a prison cell with Kamoli? What a horrific experience that would be? Kamoli has also sued this newspaper for reporting on a SADC report in which a claim was made that Kamoli could possibly have dined with Hashatsi and Sechele before they sojourned off to moor down Ntate Motšomotšo. In the summons issued by his very competent lawyers, Kamoli claims R5 million for defamation arising from the insinuation that he has aided and abetted the killing of people.

I have asked the Publisher of this newspaper to let me handle Kamoli’s latest civil defamation case against this newspaper.  I herewith warn Kamoli’s lawyers in advance that I will use “fair comment” as the defence? That will then be the best opportunity to discuss all the other cases for which Kamoli has not been charged? So while he deals with the plethora of murder and  attempted murder charges that have put an end to his inordinate arrogance, I hope Kamoli finds time to finalise the cases he has brought against me and this company first?


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