Save NUL

Re: NUL rebirth overdue, Lesotho Times, August 19-25 2010

The National University of Lesotho (NUL) is run by self-centred, greedy and stingy people who just don’t care about our country’s needs and what Basotho children are supposed to acquire from it.

Maybe the university needs to have its structures, mission and vision changed so that things are done in line with the rules and regulations of the university and not what a particular administration wants.

It seems all that the management cares about is increasing the number of students so that they can raise more money. No one takes into account the students’ welfare.

The resources available — lecture halls, residence halls, computer labs and lecturers — are not enough to accommodate 10 000 students.

The institution’s facilities are so crowded and its sports grounds are in bad shape.  Something needs to be done and very soon because this is our only national university.


I think NUL is facing some very serious problems. The institution cannot even attract reputable academics. Given the current calibre of lecturers, it is not surprising that companies are complaining about the quality of graduates being produced by the university.

 M Lebelo

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