Sadon’s new album ‘sold out’



Sadon (1)Mohalenyane Phakela

RAPPER, Sibusiso “Sadon” Adontši’s latest offering No Fear has already made waves with 150 copies having been sold within three days of its release.

The sophomore album was dropped last Friday and has since set the social media sphere alight with fans frantically enquiring about where they can get a copy. Resultantly, the 150 copies that had been initially printed were sold out.

Sadon had already released the tracks Books of the Bible and Easy to Love as singles prior to the album’s release. Books of The Bible taps from his Christian upbringing, highlighting to his listeners that the Bible is not complicated but remains relevant to modern-day life.

Easy to Love was aptly released on Valentine’s Day and elicited numerous comments on both Facebook and Twitter from appreciative fans, while also receiving generous airplay on radio stations. He said the singles served to whet fans appetite for the album release, adding that it was one of many strategies being employed to market it.

“We do not normally print many copies as my first offering sold 400 copies overall, but this time I am eyeing a minimum of 1 500 copies so my team is brainstorming on innovative ideas to sell past the quota,” Sadon said.

“We are yet to deliver to the 10 districts of the country and beyond Lesotho’s borders, but I cannot give the exact timeframe for that as we are still corresponding with our colleagues in South Africa and Swaziland. But we will sweat till the album takes us where we want to be, which is on top.”

His debut 16-track album Love, Hate and Tears, sold over 350 units in Lesotho and Swaziland within a month of its release in May 2013, which is no mean feat by local standards.

The Mabote-born rapper says his stage name means “fresh beginnings” or the light to thousands. He dips into various sub-genres of Hip Hop, whizzing lyrically between Sesotho, Swazi and English.

Sadon said his music is constantly evolving as he is always working to improve his craft.

“Age has brought about the change in my style and life experiences have forced it to happen,” he said.

“Lyrical growth and reading books have also played a major role in conjuring the thought provoking lyrics in No Fear.”

He said No Fear was a “rough transition” from Love, Hate and Tears, adding that he was heartened that fans had liked it.

“The reception to the album is awesome as people can now relate to the storylines within the tracks as they often send me texts quoting verses from my songs and their interpretation of the message.

“Rap is easy but delivering a message while rapping is quite a challenge, but I believe No Fear managed to achieve that,” said Sadon.

The 20-track album features the talents of various Basotho and South African producers. Some of the tracks in the album include Africa Listen, No Lie, Beautiful Love and Now You Know. It features the likes of Fredi Fonz, Cardo, Chino, Axo Mind, Jiji F, Nuch, Iso, OG S’killz, Linkeng and Leomile among others.


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