SA, local artistes light up Hlotse



Mohalenyane Phakela

THE Ozone Club in Hlotse came alive on Friday with scintillating performances from Lesedi FM presenters alongside other South African and local artists.

The radio presenters were in Lesotho for live broadcasts from Mahobong in Leribe earlier in the day before moving to the popular club for a Warm Up party with their fans. Ba2cada, Twasa, Skuzabell, DJ Lovers, DJ KG all put up assured performances along with rappers Maraza and Zikota. They were ably supported by local acts that included the likes of Kommanda Obbs, JCob, Juvy, Harris T, Tshepzadj, DJ Tseko, Vesta and Afro DJ.

Ba2cada, Twasa and Skuzabell took turns on the microphone and dance floor while DJs Lovers and KG ensured that the chilly breeze was not felt by revellers who danced the night away. Local DJs Harris T and Tshepzadj played a variety of House tunes, from the classic jams to the recent deep tracks.

On a night of top notch performances, local acts appeared to outshine the visitors as they kept revellers on the edge of the stage with their sing-along music which included Kommanda Obbs’ Tau E Rora, JCob’s Ke Teng and Juvy’s Skipa Se Ntekane. Jcob had the crowd eating out of his hands with hits like Kea Pusha, Hake Sbaye and Hanyane and many found it hard to believe that the accomplished artiste grew up and launched his career in Lesotho.

The audience however seemed to find it hard to relate to the Zulu lyrics of South African rappers Maraza and Zikota. Nevertheless, Zikota thanked the crowd for taking time to listen to their music as it was his first time in Lesotho.

“I drove all the way from Johannesburg to come and give you a taste of what we do and I really appreciate the response and support you showed tonight. I would love to see you again, thank you Lesotho,” he said.

Ba2cada took the opportunity to dismiss allegations made on social media that he and Kommanda Obbs were fighting over the Tšepe Movement.

“Rumours have been spread on Twitter and Facebook that we are no longer at peace with Kommanda Obbs fighting over who started the Tšepe Movement. Well, let me set the record straight, Kommanda is a dawg (affiliate) and we have never stopped being buddies,” Ba2cada said.

“He is the real pioneer of Tšepe and is still relevant. He is the one who paved the way for the likes of JCob who are doing well in the genre today.”

The party went on till the early hours of Saturday morning with the police on hand to ensure order.

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