SA artistes to paint Vodacom gig red

MASERU — Vodacom Lesotho is bringing top South African artistes for the Vodacom Red Hot Concert at Maseru Club tomorrow.

The likes of Bongo Mafin, Big Nuz, Proffesor, Chomie, Khuli Chana, Black Coffee, Zinhle, Glen Lewis and Culoe De Song will be wowing the crowd in Maseru alongside locals Fatere, Phoka, MRC, Hally, Napolinah, Alex, Bootz and Charmza Exzit.

The concert, according to Vodacom’s managing executive, Tsabiso Letsoela, is a mass launch of the rebranding of the telecommunications company.

“We have done the VIP launch event of the rebranding where the ‘who’s who’ attended. This concert is communicating to the public.

“We are telling people that Vodacom is now red and the concert is aimed at making everyone of our customers smile. We have a varied line-up and everyone who loves music will have a melody to dance to,” he said.

Letsoela said the concert does not have any age limitation.

“We never have an age group limit, all our events appeal and attract all types of people,” he said.

“We want parents to bring their children and have fun together. This is a 2pm-6am event.”

Letsoela said tickets for the concert will cost M50 which include M10 worth of airtime and Vodacom branded gifts.

“We want to be associated with happiness that is why we are not only bringing the best artistes to entertain but also give people gifts for supporting the party.”

Vodacom Lesotho would be holding similar events in future.

“Vodacom Red Hot Concert is a mass launch of the rebranding of Vodacom globally but we will be having events of this kind to enable people to have fun in their home country,” Letsoela said.

He said adequate security arrangements had already been put in place.

“We are going to have the Lesotho Mounted Police Service patrolling outside the grounds and also security guards ensuring people have fun without hooligans spoiling their party.”

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