RunFree hosts fine arts exhibition


Nthatuoa Koeshe

RUNFREE, a group of local fine artists is hosting a two-week long art exhibition in celebration of the African woman at Café What in Maseru.

The exhibition which started on 9 August 2019 is expected to end today and is being held in partnership with Junior Chamber International.

Among the exhibitors are six local artistes, Hlasoa Lenoesa, Khotso Makoetlane, Mpho Nkoe, Puisano Lesoli Alvin, Mokete Mokete and Molefinyane Senooe. They displayed arts pieces among them paintings and drawings portraying African women or their stories.

Organiser of the event and founder of RunFree Puisano Lesoli told the Weekender that the exhibition is meant to celebrate Women’s Months which is commemorated in August annually. He said the exhibition also targeted inspiring and empowering women while at the same time exploring the beauty of African women.

During the two weeks, artists had walkabouts with curators among them Lesoli and Puso Maliehe both from the RunFree platform and another artist Khotso Makoetlane

This was the second exhibition and Puisano says the aim is to make it an annual event.

“This is the second time RunFree has hosted the African Woman art exhibition with the first being held at Thaba-Bosiu Cultural Village last year and we hope to continue hosting similar exhibitions annually,” Puisano said.

He said the exhibition is aimed at selling art and celebrating and inspiring local women while RunFree hopes to catapult local artists onto the international scene.

He said their focus is on building dreams, passion and cultures of skilled and informally trained Basotho youths and inspire young minds to reach their full potential though art.

Puisano said he hopes to see arts making a difference in the people’s lives.

“I would like to see arts making a difference in this country because art and artists have a way of influence change.

“As artists, we would like to see change and we believe that through art, we can influence change in the country,” Puisano said.

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