Rocktober Lifestyle lives up to billing



2zero-2Mohalenyane Phakela

LOCAL and Bloemfontein-based disc spinners produced scintillating performances at the Rocktober Lifestyle event which kept revellers on the dancefloor despite the chilly weather conditions at Durham Link over the weekend.

It was a night on which the biting wintry breeze from the adjacent Maqalika Lake threatened to disrupt the fun-filled mood of revellers particularly the ladies who had come lightly dressed on account of the fact that the day-time temperatures had been blazing hot.

But as they say that nothing beats a party with great music, the crowd stayed on instead of going home and warmed themselves with the irresistible tunes that were belted out one after the other by the disc spinners.

Local disc spinners who included the likes of Katz Lee, Smooth, Bootz, Box Fr3sh and Saxzo and their Bloemfontein counterparts 2Zero, Stone Candi, Naycha and Sech had the crowd eating out of their hands in that exquisite setting laced with umbrellas and stretch tents.

With exotic cocktails in their hands, the crowd danced or simply moved their bodies to the infectious music which revolved around house tunes, old school and recent Hip Hop bangers.

The harsh weather turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it forced the slashing of beverage process as the night wore on from M25 to M20 as the sellers sought to avoid having to return home with large volumes of unsold drinks. This was quite the opposite of the normal scenario where beverages become dearer as the evening wears on.

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