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Replay order encourages hooliganism

by Lesotho Times
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SO, the chickens have come home to roost.

Even before the ink had dried on this writer’s correspondence regarding the Matlama-Lioli debacle, the bully boys of football are at it again.

After Matlama equalised to make the score one-all, Rovers fans went on the rampage and again the match had to be abandoned.

I have argued in my previous letter that ordering a replay in the Matlama-Lioli game sets a dangerous precedent more so when such a decision smacks of injustice.

It appears some officials who are charged with the administration of football in this country are pursuing their own agenda.

There is more to this decision than meets the eye. Are the football bosses going to order yet another replay?

It is decisions like these that turn our beautiful game into the laughing stock of the world.

The administrators at the Lesotho Football Association must wake up. They should not let culprits get away with murder.

Or is it a case of we will complain until the heavens come down?


Mojela Shale

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