Ramakatsa attacks Mohapi


Moorosi Tsiane

TENSIONS are running high between the Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) and the Lesotho Football Association after the former launched a blistering attack on LeFA secretary general, Mokhosi Mohapi, accusing him of making unilateral decisions that affect the running of the league during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) induced break.

The LeFA national executive committee, the PLMC and other league management committees resolved to temporarily halt football activities on the back of the Covid-19 pandemic since 16 March 2020.

However, last month LeFA went on to announce the extension of the league to the end of July 2020. Last week the association also announced that it has been holding a series of meetings with the National Emergency Command Centre (NECC) deliberating on the resumption of local football in order to complete the season.

And PLMC spokesperson Moeketsi Ramakatsa on Saturday accused Mohapi of contravening an agreement that they signed along with LeFA to work together on all issues that relate to the premier league.

“We agreed with the LeFA executive committee that we would work together during this time of this pandemic and release joint statements but it has come to our attention that the LeFA secretary general is going it alone,” Ramakatsa said.

He said they were extremely disappointed that while the PLMC is the custodian of the league, it ends up learning of developments from the media.

“We only receive some of the news regarding our league and teams from the media. All along we had kept silent hoping that things would change but nothing has changed.”

He said they have also tabled a proposal to LeFA suggesting that when the league resumes, they only use four grounds but they were yet to receive any correspondence from LeFA by Saturday.

“It is frustrating to learn from the media that premier league action may resume soon but we still do not know the details of how teams are going to be assisted by LeFA.”

Mohapi however, rubbished Ramakatsa’s claims and said they have kept the PLMC in the loop in all their dealings.

He showed this publication proof of his conversations with members of the PLMC members and a WhatsApp conversation with Ramakatsa.

In two of the communications, PLMC chairperson Ikarabele Sello confirmed to have received emails to which Ramakatsa was also copied. Ramakatsa also responded to a WhatsApp text inviting PLMC general manager, ‘Mabonolo Senekal to the National Emergency Command Centre NECC meeting on Monday.

“These are pure lies. I have shown you the proof that we have been communicating.

“We were recently invited to a meeting by the National Emergency Command Centre and their general manager (Senekal) was their representative,” Mohapi said.

However, Ramakatsa said he only received the correspondence after the issue had been addressed on public platforms.

“We only received emails when he had already spoke in the public about the issues. This is in contravention of our agreement that he would only comment when we have spoken about the issues first… He is only saying that to cover his tricks and I even told him that he should stop calling me after he has gone to the public.

“’Mabonolo attended only two meetings with the NECC. We even decided against attending the third meeting because we felt undermined by Mohapi,” Ramakatsa said.


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