Queen joins anti-litter campaign



Lijeng Ranooe

QUEEN ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso has called for a clean environment to maintain the country as an attractive tourist destination.

Her Majesty made the remarks while addressing the volunteers at the launch of a cleaning campaign organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture in Ha- Tikoe in Maseru this week.

She expressed concern over the general pollution in most communities, adding Basotho needed to take responsibility and do their part to make the country cleaner.

“Lesotho is known as a warm, loving and hospitable nation of people and we are known the world over for the beauty of our environment,” Her Majesty said.

“What message are we sending to tourists that visit our country if we litter and do not take a sense of pride and accountability in keeping our environment clean?

“We need to think of the next generation and set an example for them. I want our children to grow up in a beautiful and clean country. I’m deeply concerned and unsettled by the littering and uncleanliness that I often see around the country.

“It is every citizen’s responsibility to keep the environment clean. We need to educate and guide those in our communities and families in developing environmentally friendly habits. We need to work together in this because Lesotho is our home and country.”

Tourism Minister, Mamotsie Motsi, echoed Her Majesty’s sentiments, saying, “Keeping the environment clean means making Lesotho a more respectable, attractive and welcoming tourist attraction”.

Tourism is the backbone of this country’s economy and plays a big part in creating employment for our youth. Our desire as a ministry is to assist in ending poverty

“We are having a cleaning campaign because we have noticed that waste is in areas where it is not meant to be. We want to encourage Basotho to do their part in keeping Lesotho a clean and safe place. We need to make our tourists more inclined to visit,” Ms Motsi said.

She also encouraged local schools and various institutions in communities throughout Lesotho to dedicate their time and resources to holding monthly cleaning days as well as teaching children to take pride in their country.


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