Pupils donate to Queen’s trust fund

studentsBy Limpho Sello

MASERU — The Qoaling High School Junior Certificate (JC) learners have donated M1 350 to the Queen’s National Trust Fund.

Queen ’Masenate Mohato Seeiso accepted the donation at the Royal Palace on Tuesday, in the presence of the school’s Business Education teacher Tsepa Tsepa, who had accompanied the students.

The Queen thanked the learners on behalf of the Queen’s National Trust Fund and its board of directors for “the good thing you have done”.

“Your good action gives a picture of the kind of leaders you are going to be. You are indeed going to be great leaders of tomorrow. Once again we are very grateful and hopeful,” she said.

The Queen also urged the learners to continue attending school for a better future and to also be in a position to add to the country’s economic growth with the skill that you “will have acquired at tertiary institutions”.

She urged the learners to value themselves and be proud and protective of their lives.

“With these words I thank you all for your support and hope other learners will learn from what you did by also doing more than you did,” the Queen said.

On behalf of the pupils Tsepa said they had planned, together with the students, to raise funds with the aim of donating the money to the Queen’s National Trust Fund.

“We agreed that each learner would ask for M5 from their parents to start a business which generated the M1 350 that we are donating today,” Tsepa said.

With the capital, Tsepa said, they bought sweets, oranges and snacks and kept the profits which finally generated “the amount they are donating today”.

Tsepa further said they wanted to lend a helping hand HIV/Aids orphans through the Queen’s National Trust Fund because they were aware of the trust fund’s work in the country.



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