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Ntsebeng Motsoeli

MINISTER of Education Professor Ntoi Rapapa says Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is transforming the Basotho nation and its young citizens by building the creative human capital that is needed to move the country to a developed nation status.

Prof Rapapa said this during the institution’s class of 2019 graduation ceremony where 747 students were capped.

Two hundred and fifty-three students received graduated with degrees while another 494 graduated with associate degrees in the faculties of Architecture and Built Environment, Business Management and Globalisation, Communication, Media and Broadcasting, Design Innovation, Tourism and Hospitality and the Information and Communication Technology.

Professor Rapapa said that the thousands of Basotho who have graduated from the university were already changing the business landscape as it is now being led by technologically savvy people.

“I am proud to say that through this university, Lesotho graduates are driving innovation and developing a knowledge-based economy. This in turn has encouraged new forms of skills development that encourage new job creators,” Prof Rapapa said.

“Furthermore, it has paved the way for Lesotho to provide the high demand for technically and digitally skilled manpower to meet industry expectations.

“Over the years, thousands of young people have graduated with high-tech, skill-based training who are contributing towards transforming our nation.”

Prof Rapapa said Limkokwing University placed high emphasis on practical applied knowledge and its graduates were industry relevant and ready.

“It is not surprising that its model and methodology have been acknowledged by the World Bank to be potentially emulated in the developing world, while UNESCO has called it a New Model University,” Prof Rapapa said.

He said as the minister of Education and Training, it was his responsibility to remind the graduates that His Majesty Government had given them an opportunity to study. He said their studies at Limkokwing were a result of a a great investment by the government and they represented a new beacon of hope of young global leaders.

“With your generation that is technology savvy, you can connect with the world from anywhere and operate your business from your handphone, laptop to name a few.

“I urge you to take advantage of these kind of spaces that as limitless and create new industries and economies, instead of seeking jobs when we are already challenged by high unemployment rate.

“The world now dictates that we look outwardly, globally. Be smart, be ground breaking, be game changers, be inspiring as proud Limkokwing graduates,” Prof Rapapa said.

Prof Rapapa expressed his gratitude to the university founder, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Limkokwing for his efforts to provide valuable skills to transform nations all over the world.

He said that Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Limkokwing’s 50-year track record showcases the value of industry-led education which is focused on skills that were now contributing to uplifting the economies of the developing world such as Botswana.

He congratulated him for being recognised by TVET UK as its first International President, which he said was in line with the international reputation in the field of TVET education and the development of skills in line with national and international strategies.

He added that Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Limkokwing has also been recognised for his Transformational Leadership in Global TVET Education by the UK Accreditation Services for International Colleges (ASIC) and in 2018, he was awarded the Global Innovation Leadership for Education.

“Just this year, in 2019 he has been recognised with Transformational Leadership in Internationalising Education and Global Leadership in TVET Education, all by ASIC, UK.

“I applaud Dr Limkokwing’s efforts in playing a key role for skills development which is vital for building a vibrant economy in the Kingdom of Lesotho.”

For his part, Dr Limkokwing congratulated the graduates wishing them well as they endeavour into the future. He said they were among the most digitally savvy and connected young people in the world today.

“You might not have thought about it but you are easily among the most digitally-savvy and globally connected young people in the world today. You are well equipped to transform the industry and help drive the globalisation of this country.

“Soon, you will be known for the designs you create, the music you produce, the films you direct, the buildings you design and fashion statements you make. You will be among the most celebrated game-changers this country will get to see.

“You will join the many Limkokwing Alumni who are playing a defining role in shaping the future of the African continent, and in different parts of the world. You will make us all proud. You will make Lesotho proud,” Dr Limkokwing said.

The Limkokwing University Lesotho class of 2019 convocation was held under the theme “Designing the future”.

Forty-one students were presented with Awards of Excellence under the following categories:

–           Tan Sri Limkokwing Award for Academic Excellence which is an award given to students who have achieved academic excellence, scoring the highest CGPA per faculty.

–           Tan Sri Limkokwing Award for Leadership which is an award given to students who have displayed leadership qualities e.g. president of a club or association, sports captains who have won competitions, or university student ambassadors. The award recognizes their innate ability to lead

–           Tan Sri Limkokwing Award for Creativity and Innovation, which is awarded to students who have shown academic ability and professionalism in executing works of distinctive merit that are highly recognised by the creative industry.

The awards are meant to recognise the best students who have made special contributions to the university. The recipients recognised here are selected for their academic excellence, participation in events, competitions and other occasions on and off campus.

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