Prisoner sodomised

MASERU — The Maseru magistrate’s court has reserved judgment in a case in which an inmate at the Maseru Central Prison was on trial for allegedly sodomising a fellow prisoner he claimed to be his lover.

Motlalepula Lehloenya who is serving 18 years for rape appeared before magistrate Thabang Tapole accused of sexually assaulting a fellow inmate on March 24, 2010.

Prosecutor Thabang Motsamai told the court that the complainant was not feeling well after taking medication when Lehloenya allegedly pounced and sodomised him. 

Lehloenya first denied that he raped the complainant and told the court that the two were only involved in a fist fight. 

When the magistrate questioned him why he did not have bruises he said this was because the police had not given him a chance to show them his injures from the alleged fight.

A medical report showed that the complainant had not only been sodomised but also had marks showing that he had been bitten.

The prosecution said Lehloenya had also bit the complainant while sodomising him.

Pressed further about what they were fighting for, Lehloenya said the two were lovers but the complainant was jealous because “I have rejected him”.

He added: “I rejected him because ke koena (he is a prostitute).

However, the court is in a dilemma after the doctor who examined the complainant gave two conflicting assessments.

Magistrate Thabang Tapole said at one point the doctor said there was penetration while somewhere else on the document it was mentioned that there had been no penetration on the complainant.

Prosecutor Motsamai had told the court that a doctor’s medical report showed that there had been penetration and that sperms were found on the complainant.

Judgment was reserved to May 24.

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