Post Bank launches digital channels


Nthatuoa Koeshe

THE Lesotho Post Bank will on 24 May 2018 officially launch its digital channels that will enable its clients to access banking services remotely.

Molefi Leqhaoe, the managing director of the bank said the launch would bring major growth for the institution. He said since the bank started its operation in 2005, it has shown significant growth in size and its financial position has made it a key competitor in the industry.

“We have become the second most profitable bank the country since establishment and for us this means we have grown,” Mr Leqhaoe said.

He said in May last year, the bank upgraded its core banking system without any major hassles.

“The bank continues to build its success though this introduction of new digital channels as a result of that successful system upgrade,” Mr Leqhaoe said.

The digital channels include internet banking, mobile banking as well as merchant banking wherein they have merchants to house Lesotho Post Bank point sale devices at different retail shops.

“This will put the bank in the same or better footing with players in the market. As much as the bank is a late entrant in this digital space, the technology to be deployed is going to be user friendly and caters for diverse customers.”

He said the introduction of these digital channels was a milestone for the bank.

Mr Leqhaoe said the channels would ascertain that the bank lives up to its motto of being accessible and offering affordable products at the convenience of customers.

He said the innovation would complement the existing channels, address customer needs, serve the existing diverse customers faster and better and attract potential customers who are used to convenient banking but could not switch to Post Bank due to limited channels.

“These channels will also increase services that this bank offers such as payment of utilities, payment of bills, airtime top up,” he said.

He added that the channels would also enhance seamless transactions at the click of a button for retail and business banking.

Mr Leqhaoe said mobile banking would be accessible through downloading the application of on Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, Apple Store and USSD while internet banking can be accessed through the link on the bank’s website.

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