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Police officer jailed for twenty years

by Lesotho Times

MASERU — A 27-year-old police officer, Lesia Rakhoba, will serve the next 20 years in jail after he was convicted of fatally shooting his father for calling him a “a pig” last September. Rakhoba in a mad rage also shot and killed his brother, Fusi Rakhoba, and seriously injured another brother, Morake Rakhoba at Likoting in Mapoteng in Berea district on September 7, 2008. The court heard that the late father, Sekonyela Rakhoba, phoned his son enquiring about his whereabouts. The father reprimanded his son telling him that he should not behave like a pig, remarks that did not go down with Lesia. Acting High Court Judge, Teboho Moiloa, on Tuesday jailed Lesia for 20 years for gunning down his father. He also slapped him with a 20-year-jail sentence for killing his brother with another 15 years slapped on top for attempting to kill another brother. He was also sentenced to 10 years for being in possession of an illegal firearm. He pleaded guilty to the charges. Lesia will however serve a maximum of 20 years after the judge said the sentences will run concurrently. “You (committed) a ghastly deed. You nearly wiped off the whole family for no justifiable reason,” Justice Moiloa said while delivering sentence. “You behaved as if you have no upbringing at all when you have your parents and the benefit your brothers from whom you have to learn to behave,” the court said. The judge said the court had observed since the beginning of the trial that the accused was “spoiled and arrogant”. Justice Moiloa said the accused, with his position in the police, was expected to abide by the law and protect society. He said the accused had however wilfully broken the law. The judge said by removing the serial numbers on the firearm the accused had gone to great lengths to cover his tracks and ensure the firearm was not traced. He said the court had to take into account the safety of society in coming up with an appropriate sentence. “My view is that the police have a wide responsibility because they have been trained to handle guns and their training involves restraint,” the judge said. He said the accused had also ignored pleas from his brothers not to shoot his father. The judge said the accused had not shown any remorse after the killing of the father and brother. “You nearly killed Morake without any feeling. This court cannot condone such behaviour. It has to demonstrate that courts in this country cannot accept this behaviour,” Justice Moiloa said.

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