Police continue hunt for gunman

By ‘Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — The police are still looking for a man who allegedly shot two people dead and seriously injured three others in Mapoteng on Wednesday last week.

According to police spokesperson Senior Inspector Lebona Mohloboli, the suspect fled the scene after the shocking shooting spree, whose motive remains unknown.
“So far, our preliminary investigations have revealed that the unknown suspect went to a certain bar in Mapoteng and shot randomly at people who were drinking traditional beer in the pub.
“The victims have told the police that the attacks took place at around 7pm, and that they first heard a single gunshot outside the pub. The witnesses said they then heard a second gunshot being fired through the window, shattering the glass in the process,” Mohloboli said.

The suspect, Mohloboli added, had his face covered throughout the attack.
“He went to the door and fired more shots, and one of the people in the bar threw a chair at him, but missed. But the gunman is said to have gone to another door and started firing some more.
“After injuring two people and killing one in the bar, the suspect left. But on this way, he met a couple, and again started shooting. The husband managed to flee while his wife died on the spot.”

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