Please have a little respect for women

HAVE you noticed how, when a couple announces they are getting married, we immediately — on cue — get those thought bubbles upside our heads “half-behinded” sentences like: “Oh, he eventually succumbed”, “poor fool, he ultimately gave in”, and many other statements!

We come up with these kinds of statements that seem to make it out that it was the woman who nagged the “poor idiot” into matrimonial misery!

We do this, both men and women, with “teethy” smiles and smug expressions plastered on our faces, with words like “Congratulations!”, “that’s great news!”, and for the forward ones “Finally!”

These and more roll of that little deceptive pinkish piece of flesh in our mouths so easily, it could be considered a talent!

I think I know a number of couples whereby they got married, or about to do so, at the insistence and persistence of the guy; and only after the girl ran out of excuses and/or delay tactics!

Eish…’na only a couple of men have actually succeeded into even making me consider marriage as a very possible venture!

I guess it is because they are the only ones who ever made it sound like I will be embarking on the most exciting time of my life — an adventure peppered with love, growth and laughter!

As for some other okes, I will confess, today, that listening to your propositioning hurt my ears and made me want to cut myself at the thought of growing old with you!

Hey, look, for some it was fun while it lasted, but we all know the saying “some people come into your life for a reason, some for a season”!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, the basic truth is all throughout the centuries, society has pidgeon-holed our minds so badly that we are still stuck in that Ice Age mentality; yet we claim and boast we are on the 21st century!

Women are still considered man-hungry lunatics, desperately trying to jump off the out of control spinster tram (ba batla ho theoha staff…!

We come a long way on how women have been treated and considered; things have changed by leaps and bounds, but somehow we actually still behave the same way — men and women!

And there are some women who just make me wish I had a machine gun . . . but that is a story for another day!

It’s sad really, to hear someone applauding a man for a promotion, yet would try bet that a woman slept for the same promotion!

It’s so silly, anyone who thinks that way is actually dumb and believes both species are dumber — and you watch too many movies!

Correct me if I am wrong, but I doubt any sane male would want to be in proximity to someone whose body he has just used!

And sisters, imagine having to be around the dude who you grade as “U” (ungraded) every single day, and having to respect him because you need the pay cheque!

I am not stupid though, I know it does happen and can manifest itself in so many other ways, but bathong haaauu!

It is pathetic to see a bunch of women hacking like hyenas around a man who flashes his wallet brighter and louder than an ambulance!

They even get to the extent of getting into a silly fight over a man. It is really screwed up to see men (some as old as the dinosaur foot-prints) throwing money like a web to catch piteous vixens; having forgotten they have a wife and children living on malebota!

It is scary seeing a crowd of people, men and women, standing back, watching and commentating, while a man whips a woman like a stray dog that has upturned your dustbin for the umpteenth time!

It is disgusting that the same woman, after she has been rescued will crawl back to the said monster, claiming she loves him, so she has to drop the case of attempted murder!

There is so much of this double standard “lentality” (singular of mentality) which is widespread within and amongst us!

Women are not free; men (and women’s) notion of women has not changed since the beginning of time!

My version of female freedom goes something like this: live and let live — do not judge me and concoct myths about me because of my genitalia!

Let me be; let me chase and be chased without labels!

I am tired of having to be the one who adjusts and men staying the same, I am tired of having to behave but my brothers having enough rope to hang themselves and even me (with my hands bound, unable to undo the knot!)

Do not get me wrong; I do not want to go and do something stupid like set my scrotum on fire, I just want the freedom to live my life as I please!

So, brothers please kindly get out of our faces and accept us as full-fledged sexual creatures with grey matter inside their skulls which actually functions!

Moleboheng Rampou is a freelance writer based in Maseru

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