Pheta in race for FAL presidency


Leemisa Thuseho

FEDERATION of Athletics Lesotho (FAL) president, Tšeliso Pheta, has thrown his hat into the ring for the organisation’s upcoming committee elections.

Pheta was last October elected the president of the now dissolved FAL committee but he told the Lesotho Times this week that he was not yet ready to give up on his dream to lead the association.

The association’s elections are penned in for 20 March 2021.

Although he was elected last October, Pheta never got into the office as his committee was dissolved according to the advice of World Athletics. The Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission (LSRC) also disowned the committee.

The committee was dissolved after it was alleged that the elections’ preparation processes were unconstitutional and the elections were held against the recommendations of the LSRC and the association’s disputes arbitration tribunal. The tribunal said the elections should be aborted because they were called unprocedurally.

Pheta was also the vice president of the outgoing FAL committee.

Ahead of the controversial elections last year, the executive committee was divided into two camps. One committee, led by Makhaola Serake, was against the now nullified elections while his secretary Makara Thibinyane led the camp that forcefully held the elections.

After the nullification of the October elections, World Athletics instructed FAL to call and prepare for constitutional elections. It also ordered both camps to work together in preparing for elections.

In the October elections, Pheta was the only candidate vying for the presidency and he said he was hopeful that he will win the elections in March.

“I am ready to contest for the position again and I going to win again,” Pheta told the Lesotho Times this week.

He said he was not discouraged by the nullification of the previous elections and was ready to take the sport to the next level.

“I am not giving up because I want to rescue the sport from individuals who want to use it for their own benefit and pretend as if they love it. The clubs believe that I am the right candidate to rescue the sport,” Pheta added.

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