Passenger dies as truck brakes fail

By ‘Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — A China GEO Engineering Construction employee died while three others sustained serious injuries in a car accident.

The accident happened after their driver lost control of the company truck in Seforong on Tuesday.

China GEO Engineering Construction is a company constructing a road that connects Semonkong and Qacha’s Nek.

According to the organiser of Lesotho Workers Association (LEWA), Paul Ramashamole, it was reported that the truck was carrying passengers and some machinery when its brakes failed.

“This is the second accident involving employees of the construction company. The employees were riding in the back of a truck with some explosives, compressor and gas cylinders,” Ramashamole said.

He said in September one employee died while others sustained serious injuries when a truck overturned in Quthing.

He added that the driver had warned his managers about a mechanical problem in the truck but he was forced to drive it in that state.

“On Tuesday afternoon another driver was forced to drive a truck that was not roadworthy. There were five passengers in it. One person died while three others sustained serious injuries,” he said.

He said they informed the minister of labour about the incident.

The Minister of Employment and Labour, Lebesa Maloi, said they were informed by the union about the accident.

“We were informed by the union about the accident but correctly the company was supposed to have notified us about the incident. We will visit the site to get more information about the issue,” Maloi said.

“If the company had been irresponsible they will be sued. We will wait for the police to do their investigations on the matter then we will act on the findings,” he said.

One of the authorities at the China GEO Engineering Construction who identified himself as Wang said he heard about the accident but he does not have details.

“I received the report about the accident but I don’t have details yet,” Wang said.



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