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Pair convicted of kidnapping

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU —  ‘Maselebalo Ntaolane, one of the two women charged with kidnapping a one-week-old baby, yesterday wept uncontrollably after she was convicted of a kidnapping charge.

Ntaolane and ‘Mathuso Ntiise were found guilty of kidnapping a baby belonging to Mahali Kotoka on January 30 this year.

Magistrate ‘Makampong Mokhoro postponed sentencing in the case to next Wednesday.

“The court finds that the crown has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt, the accused are therefore found guilty of kidnapping,” Mokhoro said.

Tears started welling in Ntaolane’s eyes after the judgment was read.

Once outside, she broke down in tears.

A relative tried to console her but Ntaolane would not stop crying.

Her fellow convict, Ntiise, cut a straight face.

Hours later, the duo was taken to Maseru Central Prison where they will be held until Wednesday when sentencing is expected.

Their conviction did not bring joy Kotoka, whose baby is still missing.

“I will only be happy when I get my child,” she told the Lesotho Times after the judgment.

For the past seven months Kotoka has been hoping that the two suspects would crack under cross examination and at least tell the court what happened to her baby.

But the two women stuck to their story, insisting that they did not take the baby.

Their jailing could mean that Kotoka might never get the answers that she has been hoping for.

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