Paid M50 for session of torture

SO the leader of the LCD kindergarten, Mosala Mojakisane, has confirmed he is very much out of touch with current affairs.

He confirmed last week that he did not even know that Lefa, Lesotho’s football destroyer-in-chief, had not registered Likuena for the 2012 African Nations Cup qualifiers.

In fact, he was startled when a reporter asked him about it.

“I am not aware of Lefa’s decision,” Mojakisane said innocently when the Sunday Express asked him what he thought about Lefa’s scandalous decision.  

“If it is so, I am going to find out why,” he said, as if someone had asked him to find out anything.

The reporter merely wanted his reaction to a decision that was made almost two months ago.

Does this boy live in Lesotho? 

Mojakisane was confirming that he neither reads newspapers nor listens to the radio.

In short, he was saying he doesn’t give a hoot about important issues.

And to think this is the guy that aspires to be our future leader.

May the Lord have mercy on Lesotho’s future generations.

Here is a boy who is advertising his ignorance for all and sundry to see.

The next time Scrutator meets Mojakisane there will be pandemonium.

Sister Scrutator doesn’t suffer fools.


Someone who also seems quite hostile to current affairs is Attorney-General Ts’okolo Makhethe.

While delivering a speech at the official opening of the Court of Appeal yesterday the government’s chief prosecutor confirmed that he had just discovered that Justice Mathealira Ramodibedi had been appointed the chief justice of the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Justice Ramodibedi, by the way, is also the president of Lesotho’s Court of Appeal.

“I have only learnt now of the appointment of the honourable president of the Court of Appeal as the chief justice for the Kingdom of Swaziland,” Makhethe said.

“I think the office of the registrar could get into the habit of communicating with my office.”

Well, he should get in the business of reading newspapers and listening to the radio.

The internet does not bite as well.

Who in the legal fraternity does not know that Justice Ramodibedi is now the big man of Swaziland’s judiciary?

The AG is more than a month behind in terms of news because Justice Ramodibedi was actually sworn in as the chief justice of Swaziland on March 4.

The AG said the registrar should have communicated this news to him.


Scrutator thinks the registrar should buy newspapers for the AG instead of “spoon-feeding” him with information that everyone can get without breaking a sweat.

But apart from complaining about the registrar not “spoon-feeding” him with current affairs the AG had something really wise to say.

“It is true that some will be successful while others will not succeed. But I would say even those who will lose should consider themselves victorious as justice will have been done,” he said.

Now that’s more like it Mr AG.

That’s kind of bookish though a little time on the internet could have made that one a gem of a statement.


Journalists are a crazy lot.

Although journalists are in the business of criticising others they seem quite sensitive when similar criticism is levelled against them.

And when I chastise them, they want to cry and shout that they have zillions of journalism awards.

But that’s a lame defence!

Even when they were competing against themselves, they still want to beat their chests in self-congratulation over their “achievements”.

Isn’t this behaviour quite odd?

But I will not stop raising issues in this column because someone has been hurt and there is a flood of tears flowing across town.

Lawsuit or no lawsuit, Scrutator will continue to write what she wants.


Hip-hop is one deep and beautiful music genre.

I was born in QN to a world of non-stop famo music but when I hear the flows of Ricky Ross, 50 Cent, and JZ I can’t help but marvel at the creativity and deep meaning in their lyrics.

Sometimes I cry tears of joy.

That is why I paid my hard-earned M50 when some fly-by-night promoter organised a hip-hop competition for college students at a local hotel.

Imagine my horror when some wannabe hip-hop artists started hurting my ears with their tosh.

Whoever told these boys and girls that hip-hop was about singing fast and holding the mic too close to your mouth misled them big time!

It was a pathetic show.

“Are you feeling me? Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo. Say yo-yoyo-yo-yo.”

I heard this tosh until I was beside myself with rage.

“DxhjvmbvekljnbhgkuviwgbcvghjbnlnkmehrkgijbghjVJ, QGNEL; FG,k%|&L;P[HKQOG4whrtyxcf,” sang the scruffy  boys from NUL.

That was the last straw.

I grabbed my handbag and stormed out leaving the boys and girls to their crazy and inaudible chants.

Outside, I frantically looked for the young man who had organised this sham of a show but he was nowhere to be found.

Obviously he was already somewhere enjoying my M50.

I still want my refund and I am going to get it pronto.

That money was for a hip-hop show, not the crazy chanting session that I was subjected to for two hours.


Finally I have a confession to make.

I am feeling a bit bad about what I wrote about Tukula Makhakhe, that LCD activist who is facing trial for allegedly robbing people at gunpoint.

After I chastised him he wrote one of the most submissive letters I have ever seen in my life.

“I applaud Scrutator. Punch harder sister, the ball is in your court this time round. This is life worth living to the fullest you dare,” he wrote to the editor in response to my piece.

No Makhakhe, I will not kick anymore for now because you are already down.

I will not finish you off.

People like you should be left with some energy in their bones to fight one more time.

Just rest for a while my brother.

Scrutator has never relished opponents who are too weak.

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