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Our sincere gratitude

by Lesotho Times
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This is the second Christmas since the first issue of this paper hit the streets and we could not be more thankful for having reached thus far.
Tribute goes to our readers, who have consistently bought the paper every week. 
Each week, we have watched the Lesotho Times flying off the shelves.
In no time, we have become the most read and quoted newspaper in the country.
We are humbled by the trust readers have shown us.
It has encouraged us to strive to bring you even better investigative stories that are balanced and objective.
This is no mean achievement for a paper whose fall was predicted to happen within weeks after the first issue.
Yet our circulation has also steadily grown as more and more readers opted for the Lesotho Times to tell them news without fear or favour.
This paper has managed to reach the widest readership in the main centres of this country.
We are not bragging or blowing our own horn, but we believe the fact that we have a quality and loyal readership that is growing weekly just needs to be mentioned.
But behind us have been even more loyal advertisers who have helped us get this paper to you.
We have managed to bring you a quality paper because our advertisers have tremendously supported us.
We thank them for trusting us to improve their visibility of their products and services.
The relationship has been both fruitful and mutually beneficial.
We have exciting plans for next year and we invite our readers and advertisers to be part of them.
To our readers, we promise a better and improved coverage and for advertisers we promise you a paper that will reach every corner of Lesotho to give your adverts the publicity they deserve.
We will be the first to accept that we have achieved all this because we are operating in a generally media-friendly environment.
This however does not mean that the environment is perfect.
There is certainly still room for improvement.
For instance, our defamation and libel laws need urgent review to move with the changing times.
We cherish what we have but that does not mean we should not strive for even greater media freedom.
But while harbouring such ambitions, we are cognisant of the fact that with power comes responsibility.
We are therefore not advocating for greater media freedom for its own sake.
But we would not be here had it not for the dedicated staff that make-up the Lesotho Times team.
Each staff member has played their part to get this paper to where it is today.
Our journalists have assiduously worked to bring you the best stories this year.
We have sometimes faltered but, overall, it has been a good year for us on the news side.
And you the readers and advertisers have remained with us through our low and high moments.
We would like to wish you a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. It is important that we be extra careful on the road this festive reason.
When you drink, don’t drive.
When you imbibe the merry waters and insist on getting behind the wheel, you risk our lives and of those you love as well as those you meet on the road.
It is possible to drink a little alcohol or nothing at all, this festive season.

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