Open letter to Prime Minister Thabane

I WISH to voice my humble opinion to you, honourable Prime Minister, as I have given a lot of thought to this matter for a long time.

My issue is influenced by the positive and radical changes the government is taking to instil good governance. The strides that the government is taking require robust and credible support structures in order to facilitate a transparent and accountable government.

The first line of support structures are the ministers and the parliamentarians.
My opinion is that in future, ministers should not be Members of Parliament.

Their appointment must be either by the public service or be nominated by MPs. Secondly, all MPs should only be confined to their duties in parliament.

This proposal is brought about by my observation that some MPs, who are also holding ministerial posts, effectively assume two important positions; a ministerial post and a parliamentary post.

These two important posts demand a lot of expertise to ensure satisfactory service delivery.
My take is, these two posts could be separated and handled by different individuals, so as to ensure productivity, efficiency and –– at the same time –– create more jobs for other people.

I am aware that Lesotho is not practicing this kind of system and that it is not even enshrined in the Constitution of the land.

The Constitution supports a different type of model, whereby ministers are recruited from the two houses of parliament.

Personally, I feel the model or system is functionally dormant. Parliament has the prerogative to summon any organ or body of government and even individuals, including ministers, to clarify any matter they deem necessary and make serious follow-ups to the effect.

Therefore it is my humble opinion to request you and your kind office to scrutinise this suggestion seriously, with a view to tabling it in parliament for debate.

The sole purpose of my suggestion is to encourage speedy and vigorous service delivery, separation of powers and also distribution of resources equitably for economic growth in our beloved mother country Lesotho.

Makotoko Makotoko

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