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Once more, a special tribute to Mokola

by Lesotho Times

FINALLY — the scoundrels, the scumbags, the filth — are in.  One can go further and borrow from Rodrigo Duterte, the garrulous president of the Philippines and call them sons of b****s.

I just shudder to wonder? Did these scoundrels from a militia or junta, masquerading as the Lesotho Defence Force, think they could get away with all their crimes.

As I argued last week in my exaltation of our indefatigable commissioner of the Lesotho Mounted Police Service, Ntate Molibeli, goodwill always triumph over evil.

But let’s pause for a while and ask a very pertinent question. Will Mr Size Two, aka Pakalitha – Pink Panther – Mosisili, under whose watch heinous crimes were committed against peace loving Basotho, now issue a statement congratulating Ntate Molibeli for a fantastic job in arresting the militia members who attempted to murder Lesotho Times editor Lloyd Mutungamiri.  After all, Ntate Mosisili is a recent convert to media freedom. He was miffed and he strongly condemned the police after they reacted to the seemingly childish antics of one Candy Ramainoane.  So, when the police go further in arresting uncouth would be murderers of an innocent journalist, isn’t that an effort much more worthy of praise from a newly-converted fundi of press freedom. No prizes for guessing. After all, when he was Prime Minister, he encouraged the junta members by looking the other way while they went on their rampages. So Ntate Mosisili is probably seething. He can’t wait to return to power and fire Ntate Molibeli.  But Scrutator won’t stop posing the questions and probable answers?

Will Pink Panther congratulate Ntate Molibeli for a job well done in arresting the scoundrels who murdered Commander Mahao? No ways. After all Pink Panther sat on the investigations and aided and protected these murderers.

Thank God that justice will always triumph over evil.  Let’s paint a very hypothetical picture.  Imagine that by some fate of life, Ntate Mosisili returns back to power in the next few months.  Then we are back to square one. All the scoundrels currently arrested to face justice – including one Tlali Kamoli, will be released. The mayhem would then begin. Lesotho would become a hell hole again.  Scrutator would be sought after again. Just as before, they won’t succeed though.  Many more Basotho would then be hanged and thrown into Mohale dam. Fortunately and for God’s sake, this is not going to happen.

I have been reading the charge sheets of these junta figures, many of who are confessing to their crimes. I ask myself, why did you allow all this Ntate Mosisili?  How do you feel seeing those civilians murdered and dumped into Mohale dam by your junta being exhumed now? How would you feel if your beloved Rethabile was given the same treatment? Why do that to the children of others? I personally hold you and Mothetjoa Metsing responsible for all the atrocities being uncovered? You gave succor to your junta members? For that, Scrutator says; Shame on You.

It is against this backdrop that Scrutator salutes all the DC MPs who are said to be in negotiations to cross the floor to the Alliance for Democrats (AD). If I were a DC MP, I would not wait to negotiate to cross over to the AD.  I would have done that yesterday. Just look at how Mokola became an instant hit after he dumped Pink Panther.

There are many reasons why any serious DC MP should defect to the AD or ABC. There is simply no future for the DC under Ntate Mosisili. Now that SADC troops are firmly in place, the extent of the rot and abuses under Mosisili will now be amplified.  But even from what we know already, no sane Basotho will continue supporting the DC and hope for a return to Mosisili’s concentration camp kind of era. Basotho are tired of Mosisili just like Zimbabweans got tired of Mugabe. But as more and more of atrocities committed by his junta during his reign get exposed, it will all ring the proverbial nail in the coffin of the DC.

I am never boisterous about my wisdom. It’s God given. It’s real. Everything I have predicated has happened as predicted. I even pre-monitioned the attempt by junta members to try and kill me. Except that by the time they arrived at my place, I had already bolted. So to all you DC members contemplating leaving the DC, I say do so now. You have no future in the DC. It’s a moribund and decadent party. Basotho won’t allow that. They are not oblivious to the mayhem he caused. The AD offers you a bright future. The ABC even brighter prospects. So jump ship now.

You are better off outside the DC. The more you stay in that moribund party the more you taint your future and legacy. If you are hesitating in jumping ship into the AD, you are even better of joining that new outfit contemplated by our arrogant, pompous  and self-important loan shark – the Sociality Revolutionary party (SR) or something to that effect. Except that it was not launched last week as planned.  The loan shark failed to raise the 500 people required to justify and register a party. So the AD remains your best option. For some of you, joining the ABC might be a bridge too far because of your customary dislike of Ntate Motsoahae. So it’s still fine if you cross the floor to the AD, the BNP and even the RCL.

After all, you should all be hurt that Ntate Mosisili imposed Mathibeli Mokhothu as the deputy leader of the DC.  Surely how can any serious political formation have a man like Ntate Mokhothu as its deputy leader and probable leader? It’s true that most of you were quite senior and possessed worthy credentials than Mokhothu but you were sidelined for the leadership race.

But more importantly, Mokhothu successfully converted the DC into the laughing stock of the world when he fled complaining of a “plot” to “kill” him. Who in this world would want to kill such a handsome man? The first thought of anyone sent to kill Mokhothu or anyone meeting him is to want to make love to him than killing him? What a pretty face he wears.  Who surely would want to kill a deputy leader of a party leaving its leader intact?  Wouldn’t it make sense to want to kill Ntate Mosisili himself – a man with a proven track record of machinations perpetrated by his uncouth militia – than his deputy, who is a complete stranger to the generality of Basotho?

When Ntate Motsoahae fled, it was him who ran and his deputy Ntate Khasu remained leading the party even though he later went bonkers and haywire by forming something called the Truth Reconciliation Party.  Anyone knows if it still exists? When Ntate Thesele ‘Maseribane fled, it was him who voted with his feet while his deputy Joang Molapo remained. By the way, I met Joang recently and his pitch and American accent have become more perfect. Such a pattern of fleeing makes perfect sense. The leader flees and the deputy remains because it makes no sense for any killer to target a deputy? This is why Mokhothu’s fleeing is a complete joke. The joke becomes more funny in the case of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) wherein both the leader and his deputy flees in succession.  

Since when has the moribund LCD become so important that anyone would want to kill both its leader and deputy?

Ntate Aumane did the right thing by defecting from the DC to the AD soon after winning his seat on the back of the DC. He is an intelligent man. He saved his career by his defection?  Look where he is now. Of course the defections should not be in anticipation of a ministerial post. Already we have a bloated cabinet. Any defection should be purely on principle. This is the principle of dumping a failed and unpopular party whose leader failed Basotho by aiding, abetting and protecting criminals leading to his inevitable election losses.

So to you all DC MPs wanting to defect, I say go for it now, and dump an unpopular party and leader.  The LCD started with 67 constituency seats in 2007. It only has one now. The ABC started with 17 constituency seats in 2007 for these to spiral to 51 seats in 2017.  The AD started with one seat in 2017.This will inevitably grow as the party enjoys the privilege of incumbency and more defections from the DC.  All this growth will happen at the expense of the DC and LCD.  Basotho will never forget the atrocities committed by Metsing and Mosisili during their reign. So if you are an MP and you see your banner rising in the LCD and DC, then you need a referral to the most efficient psychiatrist. Take my advice and run for dear life now. Go to the AD, ABC or any other party.  

My unhappiness with the DC and LCD is not only because of the atrocities committed under Metsing and Mosisili’s reign.  It is also based on the pure logic that these two parties have no objective future in politics. They are moribund parties mainly because of the tardiness, incompetence and the brutality of their leaders and their militia.  They are sure to fail as they bleed supporters to other parties. This will happen even if the current coalition fails in service delivery. No one wants a return to the era of brutal killings.

So as I pay tribute to Ntate Molibeli and his team in their quest for justice. It’s in order that I even pay higher tribute to Ntate Mokola aka Monyake Moleleki.

Without your wise and monumental decision to dump the moribund DC, Ntate Motsoahae would still be languishing in Ficksburg despite his huge popularity. So would be Ntate ‘Maseribane and Mme Rantso in Ladybrand.  BoNtate Metsing – aka Marshmallow – and Pink Panther and their militia would still be running amok. So as I say Viva Ntate Molibeli for your quest for justice. As I say Viva Ntate Motsoahae for paving the way for justice. I also say ViVa Mokola for making everything happen.

And to all the militia scoundrels now languishing in jail and those yet to be arrested (I won’t mention all your names because you are all scum), I say thanks for confessing to your crimes and for not wasting our time.  


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