No special treatment for incoming prominent political figures: RFP



Tšoloane Mohlomi

THERE will not be any special treatment for any of the prominent political figures who join the Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) party.

Everyone is new in the party and anyone who aspires to political office will have to go through the necessary procedures including primary elections to earn the right to represent the party in this year’s elections and any other portfolio.

This was said by the newly-formed party’s interim secretary general, Nthati Moorosi, and spokesperson, Mokhethi Shelile.

They said this while addressing a press conference yesterday at the party’s Mpilo Boutique offices.

Since its formation over a fortnight ago, the RFP has attracted some prominent personalities from established political parties with the likes of former cabinet ministers Mahali Phamotse and Tlohelang Aumane joining from the alliance of Democrats (AD) this week. Many more have been linked with the party and could join in the run-up to the elections which are due anytime from October this year. Dr Phamotse and Mr Aumane were not at the press briefing although the latter was mentioned as an example of the high-profile politicians who had recently joined the RFP.

Addressing the media yesterday, Ms Moorosi said the well-known politicians should not expect any favours in the RFP due to their reputations.

“The RFP is a new party,” Ms Moorosi said.

“I am new in this party. We are all new members in this party. Everyone who joins this party must follow all required processes to qualify for certain positions. Those who want to contest elections under the RFP will have to stand in line and follow all processes including the primary elections. It does not matter who you are or what your social standing is. It does not matter what position you held in your previous part. That position ceased to exist on joining the RFP. Even Ntate Aumane does not bring his status into the party. We are all ordinary members and as such, equal,” Ms Moorosi said.

Mr Shelile concurred, saying while it could not be disputed that people like Mr Aumane had previously contested and won elections, it could not be said that they were coming into the RFP with all the people who helped them win in the 2017 polls.

“A person like Ntate Aumane cannot be said to be bringing people into the RFP. He was elected years ago. How do we know if he still has those people who elected him behind him? He comes into the party as an ordinary member.

“Like everybody else, he will go to his Semenya constituency and contest the primary elections. There will first be vetting to ensure that all contestants meet all the requirements. For instance, vetting will include investigations to establish that the prospective candidate doesn’t have a criminal record,” Mr Shelile said.

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