Nkopane Mojakisane speaks on his photography journey


Bataung Moeketsi

FREELANCE photographer Nkopane Mojakisane’s career has gained traction in the corporate and urban space.

Although the Morija native’s career took off in 2016, being headhunted and working as an intern from 2015 for a year and half at a local company is the major highlight of his career for the exposure it afforded him.

He worked at the company while pursuing a four-year Digital Film and Television degree at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology eventually obtaining an Honours in 2018.

In a recent interview with the Weekender, Mojakisane said although he is now passionate about producing visual content, he initially despised it.

“I used to hate photography and taking pictures,” Mojakisane said.

To his surprise, Mojakisane realised he was good at photography while working on an assignment.

“I then took to YouTube during my spare time to learn basic things such as the principles of shooting, camera exposure, shutter speed, composing a frame and so on,” Mojakisane said.

Despite not having a camera of his own at the time, he would use his phone to practise what he had learnt from reading blogs and watching YouTube tutorials.

According to Mojakisane, he still treats himself as a beginner as he continues to use platforms such as Instagram to not only post his own work but to learn from other photographers.

In his formative years, the 25-year-old would not only shoot corporate pictures and videos but ventured into covering weddings and was also commissioned for family portraits and maternity shoots.

Mojakisane has since become a staple in the Lesotho entertainment industry from having shot images at the final Vodacom Summa Feva concert in 2016, to working alongside comedian Skaftin on his Gags and Music platform from 2018 and shooting Unkle Krack’s music videos since last year.

He shot the visuals for Unkle Krack’s smash hit Ak’u Ikhantše featuring Mega Hertz, which began to air earlier this year on one of the continent’s leading music channels, MTV Base.

“I cherish seeing the of photography growing into a tree and blossoming as people have started demanding my attention on social media.

“What sets me apart from other photographers is my work ethic and efficiency as I try all means to deliver my clients’ work within 24 hours,” he said.

From Mojakisane’s perspective, he has seen growth in his field over the years as more people have begun venturing into the trade while consumers have also responded positively.

Despite the fact that pricing has not been standardised in his field, which has proven to be a disadvantage as the industry becomes saturated, he still encourages more people to pursue it.

“It’s a great career because you get to work on your own terms, you are free to manage your time and it can turn into a lucrative business if you are really serious about it,” Mojakisane said.

“My advice to upcoming photographers would be that they should read more on photography, shoot daily, watch tutorials, edit content and they shouldn’t be afraid to put their work out into the world,” he said.

Currently, Mojakisane shoots promotional videos and photos for Lesotho’s first online platform for artistes dubbed The Love Letter alongside Bokang Khoarai, Lebohang Thepa, Nkoanyane Pitso and the Jam Session crew.

He aspires to continue exposing Lesotho’s potential to the world through photography.

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