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Nfit hosts fitness challenge

by Lesotho Times
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Nthatuoa Koeshe

NFIT Wellness Centre will on Saturday host the first edition of the Last Man Standing Fitness Challenge at Maseru Central Park.

Aimed at encouraging “healthy living for all”, organisers said the initiative will in the long run boost community participation in fitness programmes.

Group fitness instructor, Nete Khoanyane, who is the face of Nfit Wellness Centre, told the Weekender that they are focussed on healthy living for everyone.

She said their vision is to create an all-inclusive fitness family in Lesotho through various fitness categories.

“We want to instil a mind-set of exercising as a lot of people only work out due to their health conditions and some because of the need to lose weight,” Khoanyane said.

“However, exercising should be an important part our everyday life.”

She said the challenge was open for everyone and participants would be encouraged to work out at their preferred pace.

Khoanyane said the wellness industry has grown tremendously worldwide with significant growth in the Southern Africa region in the past five years.

She however, said Lesotho has unfortunately lagged behind and this is a situation that requires immediate redress as health and wellness are major cross cutting issues that affect all areas of life and the development of our country.

Khoanyane said that Nfit Wellness strives to assist clients to achieve their health goals.

“Nfit Wellness Centre promotes and develops methods that transform unhealthy habits and fuel healthy minds and bodies,” she said.

She further noted that Nfit also is also organising wellness programmes for schools to ensure that they engage in wellness initiatives at a young age.

“This Friday we are also having the first wellness day at Lesotho High School as an awareness for healthy living,” Khoanyane said.

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