Netball league resumes, stutters again


Leemisa Thuseho

THE Lesotho Netball Association (LNA) national Super League second round finally started on Saturday after taking a break last September due to financial challenges.

However, the commencement was not without challenges as only two of the initially scheduled six games were played on the day.

The Saturday games at LCS courts saw LCS Ladies beat Leseli 55-24 while Leseli also edge LDF 51-49 in their second game.

LNA public relations officer ‘Mamakebe Moshoeshoe said the other games failed to take off after the teams failed to show up.

“Only two games were played because the rest of the teams failed to show up.

“From the reports that we got, teams are also facing financial challenges. Thus, they didn’t have transport,” said Moshoeshoe.

Similarly, the LNA A-Division also failed to resume on Saturday.

Moshoeshoe said the teams are responsible for funding their trips to the games since the league does not have a sponsor.

“Teams pay for their own trips because we do not have money, we are still trying to get sponsors,” she said.

She also said that they were yet to release the schedule for the next round of fixtures but said they were hoping for an improved attendance.

Moshoeshoe added that the LNA would not take any action against the teams because they had communicated their challenges early.

“They communicated before the match day and we agreed that if ever they failed to pitch, then they would forfeit the points from the games.”

The league has been on hold since last September with the LNA saying it was facing financial challenges.

Moshoeshoe said they were still enduring financial challenges and had even postponed payments of match officials. She said the officials would be paid once they secure a sponsor.

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