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Netball boss to step down

by Lesotho Times

Mikia Kalati

LESOTHO Netball Association (LNA) president, Moipone Mashale, will step down from the helm of the association when her second term ends next year.

Mashale, who has been president since 2009, told the Lesotho Times that she wanted to make way for new blood.

“I feel the two terms that I have been the president are long enough and I will step down next year after eight years in charge,” Mashale said.

“When you overstay in power you run out of ideas and become resistant to change.

“I think it is time to call it a day and give other a chance so that they can continue where you left off or come up with fresh ideas.”

“In netball, we have always had a good succession plan and we have never had a president that was forced out.”

She said she would however, continue to work for the increased and equal participation of women in sport.

She added that while she had learned a lot as a sports administrator, she was saddened by the fact despite having so much talent, Lesotho continued to struggle due to lack of facilities and support from government which only allocated a small budget for sport.

“Sports used to be a priority even within the school timetable and learners would get a chance to play and train twice a week.

“But that has changed and sports are no longer a priority and the allocated budget is very small.

“When I became president in 2009, we were getting M110 000 from government in subvention every year and we are still getting the same amount in 2017.

“All this has made it very difficult to nurture the talent and the meltdown of the economy has not helped the situation.”

She said it was imperative for the Sports ministry, the Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission (LSRC) and other associations to engage each other to address the challenges.

Moipone also said she was aware that she was not popular with everyone.

“I have also learned that when you are in administration, not everyone will like your style and you have to be strategic on how you do things regardless of whether or not it will be make people happy in order to grow the association.”

“So I have really grown in leadership and administration during my time as the president.

“But as long as our development system is in shambles, we will not go anywhere. We need facilities across all sports codes in order to fulfil the potential we have as a country.

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