Nedbank Lesotho scores another first



Nedbank Marketing Manager Mampine Rabatho explains the features of the credit card. . . launches localised credit card facility

Rethabile Pitso

NEDBANK Lesotho has become the first bank in the country to offer a localised credit card which was launched on Tuesday in Maseru.

A credit card is allows the cardholder to pay for goods and services based on the holder’s promise to pay for them.

According to Nedbank Managing Director, P J Bouwer, the facility is in two forms, with a credit card for the retail and private banking clients and another for the institution’s business and corporate banking clientele.

“This local credit card is the first of its kind in Lesotho and provides a lot of benefits to our clients,” he said.

“The application, encoding (pin selection), queries and credit approvals are all done locally which reduces turnaround times for our clients and therefore the overall client experience should be improved.

“The localization of this card brings convenience as one of its key benefits, with clients no longer needing to travel across the border for any kind of assistance they may need in using their cards.”

On the security front, Mr Bouwer said the card had cutting edge technology which would prevent any unauthorised use.

“The card comes with a Pin and Chip technology which provides for greater safety as clients cannot be defrauded by way of card skimming or information duplication,” he said.

“The Nedbank credit card is a safer and convenient solution for our clients to do their banking. Applying for a Nedbank Lesotho credit card is simple. Walk into any one of our branches near you for further information.”

Nedbank Marketing Manager, Mampine Rabatho, chipped in saying they would issue the credit cards after assessing a customer’s credit history and account profile.

“Customers who can apply for the credit card should be above 18-years of age and earning a salary. If they are 18 years old and not have a salary, they can become eligible by linking their accounts to those of their parents who have credit cards,” she said.

“The credit card enables our customers to make purchases and transactions at any outlet where there is a VISA sign. It brings convenience to the cardholder since they are able to carry out transactions whenever and wherever they may be.”

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