Musicians’ indaba to map way forward

By Mohalenyane Phakela

MASERU — Local musicians are set to hold a meeting on Saturday at Khali Hotel to map the way forward in light of the challenges bedeviling the arts industry.
Local musicians’ have accused the corporate sector of snubbing them at their events and opting for foreign acts instead of home-brewed talent.

According to Jerry “Doglander Dee” Madubela, who has organised the meeting, local musicians are also forced to give out their CDs to a number of presenters at the same radio station to ensure airplay.

“It is true that we need the radio airplay to promote our music but if, for instance, 20 presenters from the same radio station all demand to get a copy of the newly-released material while they can share one, imagine the loss the musician will incur as it costs a lot to produce music,” said Doglander Dee.
“If only local presenters could stop playing the same artistes over and over again.
“There are so many musicians queuing to have their songs played.”

Madubela further stated that through the meeting they are hoping to create unity among musicians of various genres.
“We need to unite as Lesotho musicians regardless of the genre one is producing. As long as we still have self-centered people in this industry it will all end in ashes. If we work together, I believe we will conquer,” he said.

Also speaking to The Weekender was producer and rapper Chocolate Soul who said that they first need to get their act together as artists.
“Making music is not all about waking up and hitting the studio to record,” Chocolate Soul remarked.
“We, as musicians, sacrifice a lot to get our stuff out there by using every cent we have to promote our music.
“Everybody can see that the government and corporates are not doing much to uplift us but I believe once we start working hard ourselves we will earn their respect.”
“If we could shoot as many quality music videos as possible and ensure that they circulate and reach as far afield as Channel O which is the television station that gives African artistes the platform, then we will go far,” he said.

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