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Murder accused soldiers granted bail

by Lesotho Times
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Tefo Tefo

TWO army officers who are facing two charges of murder relating to killings that occurred near former army commander, Lieutenant Tlali Kamoli’s residence three years ago were granted bail on Monday.

Corporal, Tjekane Sebolai and Private, Selone Ratšiu, appeared before the Magistrate’s Court on Friday on charges of murdering Lisebo Tang and Tšepo Jane at Ha-Leqele, near Lt-Gen Kamoli’s residence in 2014.

The two army officers are said to have been bodyguards of the former commander when they allegedly shot at the vehicle that parked near Lt-Gen Kamoli’s residence.

The two deceased persons were occupants of the vehicle.

The Magistrate’s Court referred them to the High Court and High Court judge, Justice Teboho Moiloa, subsequently granted them bail on Monday after the prosecution did not oppose their application.

They were ordered to pay M1000 each as bail deposit. They were also ordered to attend remands once a month on Saturday at Thamae Police Station, not interfere with Crown witnesses and stand trial to finality.

In the first count the duo are charged with contravening provisions of section 40(1) of the Penal Code Act of 2010, read with section 109 of the same act;

“On or about 9 May, 2014 and at or near Ha-Leqele, the said accused each one or both acting in concert and furtherance of common purpose did unlawfully perform an act or omission with the intention of causing the death of one Lisebo Tang to wit;

“By shooting the said Lisebo Tang with AK 47 firearms on the chest and stomach as a result the said Lisebo sustained serious injuries that led to her death on 9 May, 2014,” Part of the charge sheet states.

The charge sheet is similarly worded for the second count which relates to the death of Tšepo Jane.

The two soldiers are expected to appear again before the Magistrate’s Court next Friday on remand.


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