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MSL Relo in mission to unleash laugh riot

by Lesotho Times


comedianMSL Relo (2)Mohalenyane Phakela

THEY say laughter is the best medicine and up-and-coming comedian MSL Relo has been working hard to dispense his comedic tonic.

According to MSL Relo, he was born a storyteller and, as far back as he can remember, he usually did the talking while his friends listened.

“It was only when one of my friends told me he thought I was funny that my comedic journey begun,” he told the Weekender this week.

MSL Relo and fellow comedians Masapo, Scuftin, Mkhondwane, Tsholo de Prince, Mapena were formally introduced to comedy lovers when they held two comedy nights, titled The Last Manifesto, ahead of the 28 February 2015 general elections.

The shows were meant to tickle Basotho’s funny bone on the eve of the polls to show the humorous side of politics and take the mickey out of the promises parties made to the electorate.

Since then, the group has performed at Khubetsoana-based entertainment hotspot 4fordy and Purple Haze in Maputsoe, leaving chuckling audiences in their wake.

Born Relebohile Mosola in Sekamaneng, MSL Relo said he had been in the performing arts since primary school, culminating in his majoring in theatre and drama studies at university. MSL Relo said in all the plays he starred in, he always loved to play funny or notorious characters to bring out his natural inclination for comedy.

“I enjoyed playing characters that allowed me to crack jokes within the play,” he said.

“It was only in my second year at NUL (National University of Lesotho) that a friend advised me to try standup comedy.”

MSL Relo noted that while he quickly warmed to the idea, stage fright got the better of him at the early stages.

“For a second I thought stand-up comedy was the coolest idea ever, until I tried it for the first time on stage at NUL,” he said.

“I was literally shaking in my boots as I was not used to being on stage alone.”

Through practice and dedication, MSL Relo said, he gradually began to hold his own on stage and engage with audiences. Asked who he looked up to in the world of comedy, he did not point to anyone in particular, only saying he took cues from comedians who have made it at the world stage.

“My goal is to share the stage with some of the world’s best comedians and be an inspiration to young people by proving that comedy can be a rewarding career,” said the former Vodacom Superstar competition presenter.

MSL Relo and his crew host free shows on a two-monthly basis at Victory Restaurant, Pioneer Mall and every fortnight at 4Fordy.

“Comedy lovers should look out for our upcoming event penciled for October which will also feature a prominent comedian from South Africa,” he said.

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