Ms Kiva speaks establishment in Africa


Bataung Moeketsi

MEDIA personality Ms Kiva is working to establish herself as both an entertainer and business woman with a footprint recognisable on the African continent.

In a recent interview with the Weekender, Ms Kiva said she hopes to use her various online platforms including YouTube, through which she has amassed thousands of followers, to showcase herself and also other Basotho creatives.

“It’s clear that what I do is not viewed as a viable career, however, I intend to produce more content on my YouTube channel not just showcasing myself but the talent that Lesotho has to offer,” Ms Kiva said.

Ms Kiva launched her channel last September and like many other content creators, she has used it to engage her followers on an array of issues including beauty tips, relationships and more.

“My aim is to create opportunities for myself and likeminded people that my country has failed to provide for,” Ms Kiva said.

Born Kananelo Phakisi in the Stadium Area, Maseru, Ms Kiva attained her associate degree in Public Relations at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in 2014.

She is currently pursuing an online certificate in Digital Marketing and Advertising with the Digital School of Marketing, which she hopes to finish in 2021.

Ms Kiva became cognisant of her capabilities while in high school at St Catherine’s when she got a chance to step onto the stage.

“I was a bit of a loner back then but whenever I was asked to plan the annual opening social event, I came alive,” Ms Kiva said.

“I get a rush that I can’t explain from preparing for a show and the energy from a crowd urges me on.”

The Kingdom’s Bae, as Ms Kiva is affectionately known, said she has always wanted to be on television from an early age. She recalls dancing and singing at family gatherings and would also mimic news readers.

Growing up, Ms Kiva idolised the likes of the late South African television personality Vinolia Mashego and media mogul Carol Bouwer.

“My inspiration was sparked during the YoTV (South African variety teen show) era as I saw kids like me bringing life to television and I wanted so badly to be like that,” Ms Kiva said.

The 27-year-old’s career has seen her grace stages which include Vodacom Lesotho Summer Feva in 2014 and 2015 where she got the opportunity to interview South African DJ Black Coffee and artiste Khuli Chana.

Ms Kiva has also hosted Summer Fest in 2017, Lesotho Times Music Fest in 2018 and Miss Maseru alongside South Africa’s Somizi Mhlongo the same year.

Although the deal fell through, she considers winning the Lesotho National Broadcasting Service (LNBS) Itabolele presenter search in 2015 as an important milestone in her career.

Her participation in the search prepared her for the TLC presenter search where she represented Lesotho on a continental level the following year.

Aside from being a well-known events MC, radio jock, voiceover artiste, brand ambassador, content creator and musician affiliated with the now debunked Magic in Progress (MIP) stable, Ms Kiva works for a financial institution in the country as a digital marketing specialist.

In 2014, Ms Kiva founded Girls Like Us (GLU), an online platform which aims to provide a safe haven for women and young girls dealing with a range of issues. She said she hopes her organisation’s work will outlive her.

“I started GLU after getting out a very destructive relationship to provide a safe platform for likeminded females to share their stories.

“Over the years, GLU has done high school tours and most recently, we started selling branded merchandise under #TheRealFund which aids victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse with free sessions with a private counsellor,” Ms Kiva said.

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