MP seeks to block funding to Lefa

MASERU — An opposition MP wants to lobby parliament to stop the government from funding the Lesotho Football Association (Lefa) because it does not have a say in the way the association is run.

Sello Maphalla of the Lesotho Workers Party was furious Sports Minister ’Mathabiso Lepono had not taken Lefa to task for not entering Lesotho in the 2012 African Nations Cup qualifiers.

Lepono told parliament last Wednesday that her ministry did not have powers to reprimand Lefa over the Nations Cup debacle.

The international football body Fifa’s rules do not allow governments to interfere in the running of its affiliate associations.

Maphalla had earlier asked Lepono whether Lefa had made the decision after consulting citizens of this country or not.

The legislator also wanted the minister to tell the august House what was happening with the M1 million subvention Lefa receives from the government every year through the Sports and Recreation Commission.

“Leha lekala kapa ‘muso li ka rata ho fana ka maikutlo li ka se etse joalo ha feela Lefa e sa kope thuso (Even if the ministry or government wants to voice its opinion, it can’t do that if Lefa does not seek help),” Lepono said.

“Lebaka e le hobane ho kena-kenana ha ‘muso litabeng tsa bolo ea maoto eaba Fifa e tla behella naha kathoko (We can’t do that because government involvement in football matters can result in Fifa banning the country).”

Maphalla said if that was the case he would lobby the government to stop funding Lefa.

“There isn’t a valid reason for a whole minister to say that she has nothing to do with Lefa issues yet the association’s business is covered by the money allocated to the Sports Commission by parliament,” he said.

“Ha letona le itlhotlholla tabeng tsa tsamaiso ea bolo hoo ho bolela hore paramente le uena e tla tlameha ho emisa ho fa Lefa chelete (When the minister dissociates herself from football administration, that simply means parliament must stop allocating funds to Lefa).”

“This is a serious issue that I am working hard to make sure parliament reaches a decision to stop funding the association,” he added.

Maphalla lambasted Lefa for not registering Lesotho for the 2012 Nations Cup tournament.

“This is a senseless decision,” he charged.

Maphalla suggested Lefa could have registered an Under-20 side if the association was serious about developing the national team, better known as Likuena.

“If they were serious about developing a team, they should have registered an Under-20 team to give them exposure,” he said.

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