MP denies love affair


MASERU — ’Mamotonosi Nkhahle, the MP whose husband killed National Independent Party (NIP) leader Dominic Motikoe (Pictured) in a cold-blood murder on Monday night says jealous triggered the tragic incident. 

‘Mamotonosi’s husband Sebili Nkhahle shot Motikoe dead — in a suspected love triangle — on Monday around 6pm in Maputsoe. 

’Mamotonosi who is an NIP legislator said her husband had always suspected that she was having extra-marital relationships with Motikoe and other men.

Police say Sebili pumped five bullets into Motikoe before surrendering himself to the nearest police station.

’Mamotonosi gave her first eyewitness account of the events that led to Motikoe’s death in an interview with the Lesotho Times on Tuesday night. 

A shocked ’Mamotonosi said Motikoe gave her a lift to Maputsoe on Monday afternoon after the parliamentary session in Maseru.

The NIP leader also lived in Maputsoe. Problems started when Motikoe was about to drive into ’Mamotonosi’s home.

“When we arrived at the gate we found that my husband had parked his car at the gate blocking the way,” ’Mamotonosi said.

“Motikoe tried to enter but the way was too narrow because my husband had covered the whole way and he had also opened the passenger door wide open.”

She said Motikoe tried to drive through avoiding hitting the open door but Sebili stood in front of the car.

“He (Sebili) asked Ntate Motikoe why he trying to run over him. Motikoe replied that it was him who was blocking the way.”

There was an exchange of harsh words, ’Mamotonosi said, but Sebili remained in front of the car.

“Eventually Motikoe confronted my husband telling him that he had a habit of using his car in an offensive way against other road users,” ’Mamotonosi said.

She said Motikoe asked Sebili why “he was treating him badly in his home village”.

“Then my husband said, ‘So you are mistreating me because this is your home village?’”

“I do not know what he meant when he said Ntate Motikoe was mistreating him.”

According to ’Mamotonosi by this time Motikoe had opened the window and Sebili had moved from the front of the car and was standing on the right side near the door.

She said in the heat of the argument Sebili took a few steps backwards and pulled a gun from under his belt.

“He shot him many times.”

“Motikoe stretched his hand somewhere in the car. I think he was looking for his own gun but it was too late.”

“I impulsively covered my head thinking it was me who was being shot,” she said.

After the shooting Sebili walked away leaving Motikoe slumped dead on the steering wheel, she said.

“Our neighbour came and said I should run away because he might kill me too but I said no, he can kill me if he wants.”

’Mamotonosi said although her husband had always suspected that she had love affairs with other men he had not shown any suspicion about Motikoe until last Wednesday when he asked her if they were in love.

“His jealousy deepened in 2007 after I became a parliamentarian.”

“I thought he was being insecure because he was unemployed. I realised that this is serious when he suspected that I was in love with Ntate Motikoe.”

“It was a surprise because he was the one who used to accompany me to Ntate Motikoe’s home every morning for me to get a lift to Maseru for parliamentary sessions.”

’Mamotonosi said: “I did not think he would suspect Ntate Motikoe too. Sometimes he would complain when he saw me in the company of other men.”

’Mamotonosi, a strong NIP member, said some party members often gossiped about her being in love with other men. But she said this was not true.

“They would report to my husband whenever they saw me with a man. I tried to warn him against the gossipers but he would not listen.”

’Mamotonosi said she realised that there was a serious problem in their relationship on April 5. 

She said they had attended a party meeting at a private home and she volunteered to sweep the house.

“I had forgotten my phone at home so I called asking him to bring it.

But before that someone from the meeting had informed my husband that I was sweeping the house and when he came he angrily queried me about it.”

“He started accusing me of being in an affair with one of the men who attended the meeting,” she said.

’Mamotonosi vehemently denied that she was having an affair with Motikoe.

“Ntate Motikoe was like a father to me and I looked up to him whenever I had problems. I did not have an affair with him. ’Mamotonosi said she still cannot believe that this has happened.

“I cannot accept that it has happened,” she said, her voice trembling over the phone.

“What will happen with my integrity? How will I face Ntate Motikoe’s family?” she said.

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