Moya brings #BlackBoysDream to Lesotho


Nthatuoa Koeshe

PRETORIA based photographer Blunt Moya will on Saturday host a photo exhibition dubbed #BlackBoysDream at Café What in Maseru.

The exhibition will comprise of picture that he has exhibited all over South Africa from 2015 to 2019 in exhibitions such as #TheSuitcase, #lgaveYouLife and #ClosetlsForCIothes under one roof.

Moya said #TheSuitcase is a project for and about women told by a man through photography.

He said it is a series dedicated to women from a man’s vantage point telling stories of women’s struggles, victories and hardships in the modern society.

“It’s a story about leaving all the troubles behind and starting afresh away from all the negative energy, body shaming, sexual assault, emotional abuse and sexism,” Moya said.

The #lgaveYouLife project is an exhibition dedicated to mothers and motherhood and was also a birthday present to his mother.

“#IgaveYouLife is a series dedicated to mothers and motherhood. It’s an in-depth view of what women go through emotionally and physically pre and post pregnancy. Mothers go through a lot and society at large still belittles and disregards them and the beauty of the life they bring into this world. It is a celebration of motherhood and a celebration of life.”

#ClosetlsForCIothes is about the LGBTIQ community.

The series educates the public about sexuality, binary boxes, gender and gender equality, the harsh reality of gender-based violence and the secret lives of those who have to hide in fear of being killed for loving another man or woman or being transgender.

Moya told the Weekender that with the upcoming exhibition, he will work with Poet Xitha.

He said the opportunity was a dream come true because this would be his first exhibition outside South Africa.

Moya said #BlackBoysDream aims to inspire every black child of any other sex.

The project was last year exhibited at the South African State Theatre annual festival.

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