Mosisili must rise above factional fight

THIS weekend the ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) will hold a ‘special conference’ to deal with the leadership squabbles within the party.

The purpose of this article is to advise members of the ruling party who incidentally are also our government.

The reason I am doing this is because the outcome of such a conference will affect everybody in this country.

The main agenda item, I am told, is that there are some 17 constituencies which will be proposing a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the entire national executive committee of the ruling party — an ambitiously big motion I must say!

Remember Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili chairs this committee.

As soon as that motion passes successfully, it means in theory at least, the ruling party will temporarily be without a leader! It’s a known fact now that there are two factions within the ruling party.

The two factions are allegedly led by Natural Resources Minister Monyane Moleleki and Communications Minister Mothetjoa Metsing.

Metsing and Moleleki have in the past denied leading the two factions.

But we all know at the conference it will be the Moleleki versus the Metsing faction and the balancing act being the Prime Minister.

Three things are going to happen in that conference, the first one is that, the Moleleki faction will carry their conviction to the conference and their conviction is that they are the ‘proper and true’ LCD members who will follow their leader at all cost.

The second shall be the conviction by the Metsing faction, that theirs has always been that and that it shall always be the “proper and true” LCD but who see the challenges within their party and want these addressed holistically.

The third is the “balancing act”, the Prime Minister.

By virtue of being the chairman of the executive committee we hope the PM shall carry with him to the conference, a conciliatory tone which will help ease tensions within these two factions.

This is a tough assignment which needs a cool mind, no doubt about that.

My advice to the Moleleki faction is this, go out there and do the right thing, that is, think outside the box, don’t be in denial.

Pre-conceived ideas shall never get you anywhere, they will never help you build solidarity within your party — in simple terms, be unselfish and above all, be patriotic.

This is friendly and free advice I will not ask for a return favour any time soon.

My advice to the Metsing faction is this, if your motives are to topple your leader that is not on, but if your real intentions are to see your party responding to the needs of every citizen regardless of colour, religion, creed, and political inclination, I am with you, and hold on.

Again, this is free advice and is not binding to anybody — take it or leave it but the consequences will always be written in the history of this country.

Last but not the least, my advice to the Prime Minister or chairman of the executive committee is this, concentrate on your prepared speech.

Please don’t be carried away by melilietsane (ululations) and mehailo (chanting).

It could be a plus if you will indicate the time-table of your retirement and subsequent succession debate.

The content of your speech must not only be conciliatory but has to be seen as such, it must come from your heart and not from your head — I know you are capable of doing just that.

Good luck!

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