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Mosisili mocks colonial rule

by Lesotho Times


Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili addresses masses during the sod-turning ceremony

Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili addresses masses during the sod-turning ceremony

Pascalinah Kabi

MAKHALENG – Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili says he shares the same sentiments with the “elders” who declared “it is better to misgovern ourselves than to be governed well by others”.

Dr Mosisili made the remark on Monday during the sod-turning ceremony of Simione Police Post in Makhaleng.

The premier further said different Basotho governments recorded more achievements in 50 years compared to the British who only built a tarred road in 98 years of presiding over Lesotho.

He, however, said no single government could claim it developed Lesotho since the country gained independence in 1966.

“Today’s event is a sign that this government is committed to improving the lives of Basotho and ensure effective and efficient service-delivery.

“If this post is going to be similar to that of Ha Mokhalinyane, you will be pleased to know that you are going to have a beautiful post. We must do beautiful things for ourselves because we are now independent,” Dr Mosisili said.

“I must thank Ntate Monyane Moleleki (Minister of Police and Public Safety) for pointing out that gaining independence gave Basotho an opportunity to do things for themselves, which is why we must strive to do beautiful things. If we fail, we will have no-one to blame but ourselves.”

He also said every government has had its own fair share of development from Leabua Jonathan’s administration at independence to the current seven-party coalition government.

“In 1998, there was another government led by me and we took the development baton in three consecutive elective governments. Ntate Thabane then took over the baton and unfortunately, they only took two-and-half years and passed it on to me.

“The picture I am trying to paint here is that there is no single government which can boast that it developed this country single-handedly since our independence.

“Just because it’s me today, I should not boast about other people’s achievements but rather appreciate that each government played its part and we are all working towards a common goal – developing the nation,”

He said the country could only develop if each government takes the development baton and runs as fast as possible to empower Basotho.

He said it was for this reason that “the elders” were correct to chase away the British.

“When people were complaining that we were going to lack a lot of things like sugar if we chased away the colonists, some of the elders argued that ‘it is better to misgovern ourselves than to be governed well by others’ and they were correct to say that,” he said.

He said Basotho were governing themselves far much better than what was happening during the British era.

Dr Mosisili however, warned governance was not easy.

“When people are fighting for victory, they don’t nurse each other and the truth of the matter is even a fool can see that we are developing; people’s lives are improving,” he said in reference to the Simione Police Post.

“The coalition agreement forming this government clearly states this is a development-oriented government and part of this development journey is ensuring police officers enjoy good working conditions.”

He said it was government’s hope to refurbish all police stations although this was not possible at the moment due to lack of funds.

“I am glad the police heard government’s policy to ensure stations are easily accessible. This is what we call center of development and very soon, other ministries like Home Affairs will bring their national identity and civil registration services here.”


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